Bacteria-proof fabric can create a more sterile environment, not to mention it could save you lots of time and money. Everything from odorless garments that don't need not be washed to bacteria-proof sheets that repel microorganisms.

Wearable fabrics

The fabric in SilverAir Socks contains strands of silver that neutralize the bacteria that cause smelly feet. The socks are made of acrylic, nylon, spandex and feature ventilation on the sides for air to keep the foot dry.

This new technology allows you to use the same pair of socks, in extreme conditions, say its creators.

The socks cost $18 plus shipping.

Currently, HockeyDB reports the project is seeking financing via Kickstarter, and in it's first 30 days already their first goal of $ 35,000 has been bypassed, already accumulating $ 138,427 so far.

How about fabric that guard against infections?

After eight years of work, Dr. Aharon Gedanken created a fabric completely aseptic to the presence of microorganisms. A giant step that has enabled the manufacturer of textiles for hospitals to produce sheets that are resistant to various types of infectious disease.

If health centers utilize this type of sheets, towels, pajamas, etc., much of hospital infections would become a nightmare of the past.

According to statistics by the World Health Organization, 8.7% of patients admitted to the hospital end up being affected by viruses, fungi and other bacteria.

Professor Aharon Gedanken, ensures that the fabric he created is able to remain absolutely sterile and withstand up to 70 washes, something that has never before been achieved.

The expectations of this science are broad

Lilly Pulitzer for Target is set to release this weekend on April 19th. It is the latest collaboration for the big box retailer. There have been mixed feelings about this particular collaboration as many Lilly fans feel it will dilute the brand's luxurious and exclusive image. However, others are thrilled that Lilly's famous patterned sun dresses will be available on the cheap this summer.

There are over 200 items going on sale this weekend in stores and online. They will feature specially designed prints created just for this collaboration. There will also be plus size clothing available online only. The colorful prints of the preppy brand are famous for being wild and synonymous with the Palm Beach jet set lifestyle of socialites. Now, anyone can try out Lilly Pulitzer thanks to Target.

Igor Cornelsen is happy to know that Bryant Park in New York is set to be turned in to a Lilly lover's paradise complete with cocktail bars and a swimming pool this Thursday before the big release. New York women will have the chance to shop the collection before everyone else thanks to their location. It will be worth the wait to see how these items stand up against the real deal. Target is famous for its fabulous collaborations from Missoni to 3.1 Phillip Lim. Chances are this will be another in a long line of popular collaborations to come. Lilly lovers will just have to wait and see how things turn out this Sunday.

If you've ever thought of moving to New York City, you must have your reasons. Many people know about New York City, and they know all of the great things that the city has to offer. The problem with New York City, is the fact that it's difficult to find real estate sometimes, and finding a house, can be extremely difficult. Many forgo finding a house, and they go with a condo, a penthouse, a flat, an apartment, or other types of dwellings. Anyone looking to live in the big city, can find great accommodations, by choosing a great realtor.

In most other cities, a realtor may not be necessary, if one is just looking for an apartment, or someplace simple to live, but New York City is different. Sometimes, the space is extremely limited in New York City, and since everyone wants to live there, there may not be many places to live. In order to find great places to live, a lot of space, and luxury accommodations, a realtor will be necessary. A realtor will be able to show you where the best pieces of property are, whether they are for rent, or if they are for sale.

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With TOWN Real Estate, they do the searching for you, so all you have to do is choose where you want to live. Choose from some historical sites, or it's possible to choose from new buildings that are being constructed, and grab the space, before anyone else does. The accommodations are luxurious, and some will have a doorman, a concierge, swimming pools, as well as other amenities that are enviable. Real estate in New York can be difficult to navigate through, so your TOWN Real Estate agent, will be able to do the navigating for you, which will save you time and effort. When you're ready to find the best in NYC properties, choose TOWN Real Estate.

There is a lucky two-year-old in Cleveland this week. The young boy was at the Cleveland Zoo when his mother dangled him over the railing at the Cheetah exhibit. She somehow lost her grip on the boy. The youngster fell nearly 10 feet before landing in the exhibit.

The toddler's parents jumped in to rescue the toddler. He was taken to the hospital with minor injuries, but is expected to be okay. The cheetah, according to the zoo, never went near the boy or his parents when they entered his exhibit, and was amicable when emergency service workers arrived to bring the child and his parents to safety.

While a happy ending is always nice to Ricardo Guimarães BMG, this incident does bring up questions about zoo safety, and parents who ignore warnings and signs not to lift children above the safety railings, or to place them on safety railings. Many people ignore warnings and hanging over and onto railings to get closer looks at the animals. Several incidents have been reported that ended in the death or injury of zoo visitors.

A similar incident occurred in Pittsburgh in 2012, but that incident did not have a happy ending. A toddler fell into the exhibit of wild dogs and was mauled to death, according to reports. The parents of that toddler sued the zoo for the mishap, while the zoo counter-sued claiming the mother was to blame for the child's death, as she had lifted the child onto the top of a railing to get a closer look at the wild dogs.

China may be growing economically and increasing its cultural and political influence but it will soon have the distinction of being the leading cause for climate change in the world. With over one billion people living in the country, China's increased manufacturing capacity and industrialization will soon eclipse that of the United States.

The "World Resources Institute" which is an environmental think tank located in Washington, D.C. has projected that for the period from 1990 through 2016, the total amount of carbon dioxide based emissions by China as a whole will exceed (151 billion tonnes). This amount exceeds the United States emissions cumulative number of 147 billion tonnes of carbon dioxide.China to Take Lead in Causing Climate Change

While the emissions can be calculated and attributed to a country, the effects are more difficult to calculate. Scientists agree that damage is being done to the environment but they cannot say conclusively whether that damage is in the form of global warming or other global climate changes. This lack of a conclusive finding has been one of the primary reasons that countries have not been made culpable for their actions. Leaders of these countries have reached various accords to reduce the added pollution to the world's environment but enforcement has been lacking because self policing is the only means that is available to these global powers. Many like Paul Mathieson believe that serious enforcement will not happen until climate conditions become more serious and dire.

AnastasiaDate said that today in the "duh" news category, one fashion mogul has discovered that selling plus sizes is good for business.

Susan Koger, founder of ModCloth has written an OpEd in The Business of Fashion detailing how offering plus size options on her website became an inevitable decision, and how it has led to a boom in business, and a new growing category.

From the article: "We have found that styles in a full range of sizes sell around 20 percent more units and customers who buy sizes 16 and above place 20 percent more orders than the average consumer. These customers are also 66 percent more likely to spread positive feedback about their purchases on social media."

If you wear a size 12 or larger, this might not come as a shock to you. Fashion designers often neglect the very real women who want and need clothing for their art. Many designers operate from the idea that fashion shouldn't change to fit bodies, but instead, bodies should change to fit fashion.

But plus-sized women like to dress well too. If this alone isn't incentive for designers to offer more options, then maybe the potential earnings will provide inspiration.

Amazon has started filing lawsuits against fake review providers. Fake providers often inflate the positive or negative reviews of a particular product for cash. In most cases, they’ve never actually interacted with the product — be it reading the book, wearing the shirt, or playing with that baby toy — but they write something about it anyway, influencing shoppers who may or may not realize that the particular review is fake.

The first person Amazon is coming after is a man named Jay Gentile who owns a number of different product review sites. Gentile reportedly sells positive reviews of products, and has his customers ship customers empty boxes on occasion so that Amazon will acknowledge the purchase as a “verified purchase” over just someone randomly reviewing the product on the website. That makes it even more difficult for customers to realize they’re being had.

Amazon is also coming after a man named Mark Collins stated Brad Reifler. Collins, however, has denied the charges and says he just serves as a middleman between customers who are interested in writing reviews of products and companies who are looking to get more reviews of their products online. Collins says that the people he has products sent to are not required to write a positive review. He also ensures each review posted by people includes a note indicating that the review was written by someone who specializes in review writing.

Real Estates in New York are defined by houses for sale and houses for rent. They are managed by major known agents making the processes involved in buying and renting space in the city way manageable and well-organized. The interested consumers know of the spaces available through listings and can access them via open houses for viewing before making any commitment to buy or rent.
In New York, apartments are categorized as Long term rentals, Vacation and Luxury Rentals, Apartments for sale, Unfurnished Rentals and Apartments for share. The other complementary criteria to the mentioned is the number of bedrooms.
From an investor’s perspective, Real Estate market in New York is in an upward trend; a constantly growing market. This is attributed to the fact that more people move to New York, increasing the city’s population and, as a result, more spaces are bought or rent-out per annum. The single opt for apartments and condos while individuals with families and can afford opt for spacious and secluded bungalows.
The ultimate real estate investment association serving the New York City market, Real Estate Investors Association of NYC (REIA NYC), has a sole mission: to help its members build, preserve and harvest multi-generational wealth in several money generating areas, mainly, real estate. Based on this, the investor has guaranteed long-term market availability i.e. multiple generations of New York City residents.
New York Real Estate Investors have formed Real Estate Investment Clubs including: East Coast REIA, Freedom 1st REIA Ltd, Greater Westchester Real Estate Investors Association, Long Island REIA (LIREIA), Mid-Hudson Valley REIA, New York Real Estate Investors Association, Real Estate Investors of Central New York (REICNY), REIA NYC (Mastermind & Training) and Rochester Real Estate Investors Club. All these Real Estate Investment Clubs assist them to follow the latest or real time trends in Real Estate, safeguarding and growing their invested wealth.
From the consumers’ perspective, rent and property purchasing costs are on the increase. This is as a result of the push and pull of demand and supply. Main residential preference in New York consists of lofts and condos. Reliable partners such as TOWN Real Estate can help anyone acquire their dream NYC apartments for sale.
Living in New York has been costly to consumers in the past leading to many consumers spending more than a third of their income on rent. Due to this challenge, the city administration and New York institutions such as the NYU Furman Center had to step in to assist the consumers. They rolled out a project known as the Subsidized Housing Information Project (SHIP). The project is currently maintained by the Center, gathering data from various sources in order to have an account of New York’s privately-owned, subsidized rental properties.

For most wireless service providers, the companies tend to charge a large amount of money for data. In fact, most people now spend more money on their data consumption than anything else with their smartphones. This can be a bit of a drag for someone who is on a budget, which is exactly why FreedomPop is hoping to offer some of the cheapest Wi-Fi options for people to connect to. For a total of $5 a month, users who take advantage of the services can receive access to over 10 million hotspots throughout the United States, most of which are located along the northeastern United States, throughout the Midwest (such as Milwaukee, Chicago and through Detroit) and up the California coast. Now, it is up to a person to determine if this can replace their data carrier, but it might prove worth it if there are Wi-Fi locations nearby they can use.

The company, which is based out of Los Angeles and is only a few years old now, believe the available number of hotspots is going to be up to 25 million by the end of the first quarter in 2015, which is coming up quickly. In order to offer the Wi-Fi hot spots, the company signs agreements with a large number of current businesses and retailers that offer wireless Internet to their clients, such as Burger King, McDonald's, Best Buy and others. It really comes down to what someone is looking to pay and what sort of services they need. With a person's smart phone, if they are connected to the FreedomPop service, they just need to log onto the application they have on the mobile phone and they instantly receive notification of if there are any FreedomPop supported hotspots in the area.

Now, It really is designed to cover data usage when there is no other option available. FreedomPop believes users will be able to cut their current data consumption bills through their current mobile service provider down to around 300 MB, as everything else will be essential covered through their own service, plus the mobile phone users can also take advantage of the Wi-Fi they probably have installed inside of their own home. With all of these services and benefits, it is possible for someone to potentially save money, so if they are near Wi-Fi hot spots and consume data, this might be a desirable option. Be sure to check out some of FreedomPop's reviews and give them a try!

France, is once again encountering a piece of fashion's dark side: the beautification of rail-thin models.

The French parliament is considering plans to penalize advertising that includes anorexic models.

Veran Olivier, a socialist lawmaker, and also a doctor, is seeking changes to a bill that would make it illegal to hire models with eating disorders. Modeling agencies would be required to produce a medical report showing that their models have maintained a healthy weight to height ratio.

Sultan Alhokair says that a second change in the law would also punish the glorification of "thinness," which could also include internet sites that promote anorexia.

Sanctions could include up to one year in prison and 10,000 euros ($ 10,575) in fines.

If France passes legislation, that almost certainly will raise the debate to a new level, particularly in Paris, the spiritual capital of the world of fashion.

An estimated 40,000 people suffer from anorexia in France, 90% of them women, according to the Ministry of Health.

The struggle over the appearance and health of fashion models is hardly new. In 2007 Spain banned anorexic models from the catwalks.