Tattoo Tights Show Off Elaborate Ink Designs For Calves And Thighs

Some are calling this a genius concept in women’s fashion accessories. Tattoo tights are the latest trend for Fall/Winter 2016/2017, and they look exactly as you would imagine.


The Dsquared2 Runway Show at Milan Fashion Week 2016/2017 featured tattoo tights.


If you love the look of intricate inking but don’t have the confidence to invest in real leg tattoos, then tattoo tights might just be for you. The design possibilities are endless and bring much attention to a pair of legs. The tights feature detailed tattoo printing and come in an assortment of colors, symbols and design sizes.


Stop & Stare Designs Company has created absolutely, genuine-looking tattoo art hosiery. From a colorful birds and roses scene to a black dragon design to a sexy mermaid and more, tattoo tights are the new IT accessory. Their hip stockings are designed and hand-printed in Ireland and available around the world. People cannot tell if the inking is real or coming from the stockings. Either way, tattoo tights make a definite fashion statement.


There are a few vendors like Stop & Stare Designs Company, who want to offer women something other than the standard nude pantyhose or black tights. It’s a well-received fashion accessory starting to make its way in street culture. sellers are hot on the trend, featuring both hand-painted and printed tattoo tights. Etsy sells more than 1,300 tattoo tights products.


Now, you, too, can be the “girl with the dragon tattoo.”




IAP keeps employees on their toes with eclectic mix of projects

Recently, logistics giant IAP Worldwide Services was called in to help with the relief and cleanup effort behind Hurricane Matthew. Normally deployed to battle zones in support of U.S. military personnel, IAP experts are also on call for domestic disasters such as hurricanes, tornadoes and floods. IAP Worldwide Services’ chief area of expertise in domestic crises is emergency power generation on Facebook. IAP has the experts, manpower and assets to bring power back to any U.S. territory that has been deprived of it.

With military precision and response times, these capabilities have been summoned in the wake of such disasters as Hurricanes Katrina, Sandy and Katia. IAP Worldwide Services has communications and mobile power generation infrastructure that exceeds any other entity currently within the United States, including the U.S. government itself. Without these interventions, there is little doubt these disasters, as bad as they were, would have yielded even higher body counts.

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Born of fire, forged in battle
The rocket wash that sprays high pressure streams of fire on from the exhaust gimbals on ignition of the Space Shuttle’s main engine produces forces that are hardly comprehensible. High definition videos of launch show what looks less like the production of controlled thrust and more like a small nuclear detonation. That any structure could withstand such force is nearly indistinguishable from magic. Yet IAP Worldwide Services has built, maintained and managed these facilities for over 60 years with a safety record that is, simply put, the best in the business.

As impressive as propelling five million pounds to escape velocity seems, IAP has claims to even greater feats. Staffed by many combat veterans, IAP Worldwide Services has provided the materiel, expertise and manpower that have kept U.S. forward operating bases humming since Operation Desert Storm. IAP’s war time associates are not merely ex-soldiers, they’re patriots who volunteer to return to war’s mortal embrace. These aren’t just any employees, they’re dedicated patriots.

From the best fighting force in the world, IAP scoops the creme off the top and refines it even further through continued expert training and challenging deployments. By the time a Marine has been an IAP contractor for 10 years, he’ll be among the most formidable experts in his discipline. This is the caliber of a typical IAP associate – world class.

Through recruiting and training the best in the world and putting at their disposal the best assets, IAP stands ready to meet any challenge and defeat any foe, whether nation or nature.

IAP Worldwide Services: Supporting Government, Military, Commercial And Social Activities

IAP Worldwide is a global logistics, procurement, facilities management and technical services company. It is called upon to use its highly-skilled, experienced staff and groundbreaking technology to handle the challenging problems faced by the military, government, industry and the general public. It has thousands of employees on Facebook working in over 20 countries and 100 locations supporting military installations, providing emergency power, airport and communication services, advancing healthcare and protecting the environment. Their humanitarian services touch millions of people worldwide annually.

Formed through the combination of Pan Am World Services, Inc., Johnson Controls, Inc., IAP and G3 Systems Ltd., IAP Worldwide now offers the highest quality services. The company is known for its expertise in facilities maintenance support, engineering services, airport master planning and construction management. It can also automate facility security, lighting and fire systems and increase energy efficiency. The company has proven expertise in international procurement, transportation, temporary, mobile power generation and emergency disaster relief.

Since its founding, IAP Worldwide has provided design, delivery, operation and maintenance services for equipment and facilities for entities worldwide. Their global operations and logistics and professional and technical services has helped them to earn over $370 million in government services contracts. IAP Worldwide recently signed a contact to provide the U.S. Navy with $900 million worth of services. They also agreed to provide integrated logistics, training and fielding support for the U.S. Army as part of their Distributed Common Ground System.

IAP Worldwide is a global leader in its field. Still, the company strengthened itself recently by acquired aviation and logistics business units from an Oklahoma company. This further improves their ability to easily handle even the most challenging missions. Using proven technologies and experience the company provides support for the civilian and defense agencies keeping America and its allies safe, strong and secure. Whether it’s airfields, field hospitals or any other type of expeditionary infrastructure, no matter how hostile or remote the environment, governments, the military and NGOs know they can depend on IAP Worldwide.

IAP Worldwide has seasoned international teams always ready to respond to challenges anywhere on earth. They provided FEMA with emergency power during Hurricane Mathew and have designed, installed, operated and maintained equipment and facilities powered by hybrid, dual-fuel and renewable energy systems for use far off the grid. IAP Worldwide delivers high-tech products and services, sustains aircraft programs and communications systems and provides other advanced solutions for clients worldwide.

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NCAA basketball mismatches can mean big profits for bettors

Among sharp sports bettors, one of the favorite seasons to bet on is NCAA basketball. NCAA basketball has 347 teams in Division I alone. This translates to over 700 games being played per week. Compare that with the 30 or so games played per week in the NFL. Of course, this plethora of games gives sports bettors a lot more opportunities to put their money in action. But there are other important effects of having such a large pool of teams playing so many games.

Big mismatches, bigger profits

Many sports books simply don’t have the resources, and couldn’t justify it if they did, to pay a great deal of attention to every single game they offer. Some of the largest sports books offer bets on games as obscure as Caribbean cricket matches and Division III women’s soccer. While sharks like Billy Walters will mostly scoff at the size of the prize pools associated with these markets, for newer bettors going off the beaten path to smaller games can make a lot of sense.

More obscure games will have fewer people betting on them. In general, this means that even if you find a hugely mispriced line, you won’t be able to place a ton of money on it without moving the line towards its true price. How much of a problem this poses is all relative. You can get $1,000 down on almost any game in Las Vegas. $2 million is a different story.

The reason big mismatches can be so profitable is they can be hard to judge. You might know one team is a lot better than their opponents. But does that mean they’ll win by 5 points, 10? Could they win by 30? These differences don’t matter to squares but to pro sports bettors they’re huge. For more about exploiting bad mismatches, please check out

Another phenomenon with mismatches is that people will just tend to bet their favorite teams. Even if the Vegas spread for one team is +10, people will still bet the opposing team even when the first team’s true spread should be +40.

About was founded in 1995 by sports betting legend Teddy Covers. It was one of the first sports related websites on the internet and many of its original staff members still work there. For the best industry insights and best NCAA betting odds, please visit

CCMP Capital Loses Its Leader

CCMP Capital has lost a great man. Stephen Murray who was with the company for 25 years passed away at his home in Stamford, CT at the age of 52. Stephen is survived by his loving family. He had a wife named Tami, and 4 sons. Their names are Ryan, Sean, James and Nolan. They lovingly raised their children together in Stamford. The family felt deeply at home in the North, and they frequently traveled between New York City and Stamford. Stephen is also survived by 3 brothers and his parents, Joe and Nancy of Brooklyn, New York.

Stephen was the CEO of CCMP Capital, but there are many who will better remember him as a philanthropist. Stephen regularly participated in charity. He was actively involved with The Food Bank of Lower Fairfield County. That organization was on his mind until the very end. He requested that at his funeral guests donate money to charity instead of bringing flowers. Stephen cared about the Make-A-Wish Foundation too. He donated money and time by serving as the vice chairman of its board of directors. He put all of his business expertise to use in the name of helping those who were less fortunate.

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Stephen’s family remember him as a dearly beloved father and husband. Those who knew the Murrays could tell how close they were to each other. Stephen and Tami were college sweethearts. They met at Boston College when Stephen was earning his degree in economics. They married at that time. Stephen wanted to be successful so he could take care of Tami and his children. Stephen Murray took a position as a credit analyst trainee at Manufacturers Hannover. After getting his master’s degree, he would remain with this company for the remainder of his career. There were many transitions at the company, but they found Stephen to be indispensable to the operation. He rose within the ranks. Eventually, he became the top man. The company was named JP Morgan Partners in 2005. It wanted to spin the company off into a private equity group. Stephen was the best choice for leading the operation. He became the CEO of the newly named CCMP Capital.

Stephen was respected by his colleagues. Many at the company were devastated by his loss. The current CEO recounted what an impact Stephen had upon him and said that Stephen was a great mentor and role model. Stephen Murray made a mark on his community and was a great family man.

UK Vintners – Home of the Best Wines

UK Vintners wines selection has been watchfully selected to make sure that their clients get the finest quality wine brands at the most reasonable price. They ship out their wines from the best wine producers in the world, including independent and artisan estates. Through their links with their growers’ network, they have built strong and inexhaustible relationships.

Because of that, UK-based vintners are capable of using their insights and findings to manipulate production determining blend, taste and packaging of wine at the source. Their wines are authentic, and they possess sustainable viticulture. They are also unique, and therefore not found in other wine retailers or supermarkets. UK Vintners pride themselves as the sole distributor for premium Italian and French labels in the UK.

UK Vintners was born out of Hay Hampers that was founded by Rachel Marshall and Jeremy 40 years back as a wine business. It was an honorable and enjoyable endeavor whose main intention was to provide wine as Christmas gifts to reward customers and staff for their continued support and hard work all through the year. Hay Hampers business was guided by four principles, including; freshness, trust, sharing and authenticity. Those values still hold true to the today’s Vintners selection.

Since, UK Vintners have searched the whole world for the best Champagne and wine producers, from Australia to Bulgaria, and from traditional Italian, French and Spanish wines, to latest, unique world wines like the spicy Chilean Pinot nior and tropical and fruity New Sauvignon Blanc’s Zealand, A wide variety of wines are available so as to meet the taste of everybody. They also have wines ideal for gifts, birthdays, weddings, or for just a little gratification.

Vintners in the UK provide their clients with a 24-hour customer care services that surpass the rest of the wine wholesalers. Their employees are highly knowledgeable and offer friendly advice to their clients. Every one of them, including the drivers, possesses a huge passion for wines. The purchase is easy and quick since they have provided each and every essential information on their website. Deliveries are done from 8 am to 6 pm during the weekdays. Offers are available during major holidays such as Christmas.

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IAP Worldwide Is The Global Leading Provider Of Logistics Support

The industry for logistics has only continued to grow over the past few decades, which is something that has allowed IAP Worldwide to shine, as one of the leading providers in logistics solutions on Hoovers around the globe. Today they offer a range of different services as well, to both individuals and businesses, public and private, wherever it is needed. With their 1,600 plus employees, they are capable of handling their clients needs from wherever they are in the world.

IAP Worldwide has their base of locations in Florida, but they also have business locations operating in Panama and the United Kingdom. This effectively allows them to spread their services to more than 2 dozen different countries, throughout hundreds of different locations. Ingenuity and Purpose has been running efficiently for more than 60 years, and they continue to grow to this day, especially through acquiring other companies. The company’s reputation for being dependable and efficient has landed them as one of the leading companies in the industry.

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IAP Worldwide started up in 1953, where the simply offered logistics solutions to their clients. Over time and with the acquisition of new companies throughout the years, the company has been able to work itself into many markets. In the by the 1990’s, the company was getting involved in facility management and procurement.

IAP Worldwide has networked a lot throughout the years, and are in collaboration with a host of other companies, which is beneficial for all parties and helps them spread their awareness. Since first starting out, Ingenuity and Purpose has been adamant about being reliable and exceeding expectations on Facebook, and as such they treat every situation and problem as if it were their own. Every client and situation is thoroughly analyzed to create the optimal strategies for solutions.

For more than six decades now, IAP Worldwide has been providing safe and reliable solutions for their customers, acting out all services with the highest regards to professionalism. With the philosophy they hold, the company will build their relations and continue to acquire new companies, most recently Tactical Communications & Network Solutions and DRS Technologies, to better their services and reach around the globe.

More information about IAP Worldwide:

IAP Worldwide Services Experts Called in Support of Hurricane

IAP Worldwide Services, Inc. has been sought to provide emergency power and assistance in support of the Mather Hurricane for FEMA Regions V and IV. IAP Worldwide Services, Inc. has deployed many teams to the support base located at the Initial Support Base in the East Coast. They are situated atNorth Carolina, Fort Brag, Florida, and Orlando supports the many states preparing for this local effort.

IAP Worldwide Services, Inc.’s support for emergency response during the Katia, Sandy, Katrina and other overwhelming events including communication systems, emergency power, commodities, and the deploying skilled personnel. While the 2011 Hurricane hit the world, IAP Worldwide Services, Inc. deployed over 100 power experts to activate emergency generators throughout Massachusetts, New York, New Jersey, and Maryland.

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Awarded in 2013 by the United States Engineers Army Corps (USACE), the Contract, allows IAP Worldwide Services, Inc. to provide support to public works requirements, provide emergency power, and engineering solutions services during national significance incidences. For this day, the company is maintaining constant contact with the United States Government bodies and other agencies that are in favor of the mobilization ahead of the Mather Hurricane. The IAP Worldwide Services, Inc. CEO, Doug Kitani, said that the company is proud to work with other teams to develop a solution to support the people affected by this hurricane. For whatever that needs to be done, IAP Worldwide Services, Inc.’s team is ready to work tirelessly to reach the solutions. They will do all it takes to help the community and sustain their customers.

IAP Worldwide Services, Inc. teams located in the Canaveral Cape Office on have evacuated the scene and the Operations Emergency Center in the Panama City will be activated at the end of the season. For over three days, the IAP Worldwide Services, Inc. EOC staff is under the leadership of John Matasich. The leader has coordinated clock efforts with numerous primary response teams under USACE including Georgia districts, Washington, and Pennsylvania. As a matter of fact, IAP Worldwide Services, Inc. has partnered with ECC to provide emergency response options for the Naval Command-line directed Engineering Facilities to respond to the storm mission.

IAP Worldwide Services, Inc. is a leading universal service firm with over six decades of professional experience in performance on The company provides a wide range of solutions and services to the United States government and other agencies. It maintains offices in the United Kingdom, Oklahoma, Maryland, Florida, and Washington, D.C.


The Relationship Between Faith and Knowledge

One of the funny topics when it comes to beliefs is the apparent conflict between faith and knowledge. There are a lot of people that say that faith does not depend on knowledge. People who are for and against faith say that faith occurs independent of knowledge. People that are against faith are rather scornful about this. However, there is one issue with this idea. One of the people who are very well versed in any given religion will tell people that knowledge is actually very important when it comes to beliefs. For Christians, even the bible values knowledge when it comes to faith. For one thing, faith without knowledge can be really dangerous.


One discipline that values knowledge is Kabbalah. As a matter of fact, people who study the Kabbalah believe that knowledge is one of the most important aspects when it comes to spiritual  beliefs. It is especially very important for people who are studying the teachings of the Kabbalah. Tradition requires that the only people that could access the Kabbalah teachings of the Kabbalah are people that are older than 40. However, there is a challenge to the tradition. The challenge comes in the form of The Kabbalah Centre.


The Kabbalah Centre has been established to expand the view of these sets of religion teachings for more people to see and experience. It is now open for more people to look at the interesting teachings that are available for people.


One thing that could be said about the Kabbalah Centre is that it helps people understand the point of the Kabbalah which is to show people the value of each faith based system. For one thing, it states that the majority of reality happens outside of what can be experienced with the five senses. People can only experience 1% of the ultimate reality.

Executives of the OSI Group Discuss Acquisition of Baho Food

The executives of the OSI Group recently discussed the company’s recent acquisition of the Baho Food Company. The acquisition of the Baho Food Company is an enormous success for OSI because of the company’s stated commitment to global expansion. The OSI Group’s acquisition of the Dutch Baho Food Company makes it clear that the OSI Group is seeking a larger presence in Europe. The OSI Group’s Chief Operating Officer, David McDonald, briefly discussed the expansion of his company.

The COO stated that the OSI Group’s staff was extremely happy with the acquisition of the Baho Food Company because Baho Foods already produced a quality of food products that align with the OSI Group’s established standards, the leaders of Baho Foods already possessed the necessary skills to become essential employees of the OSI Group, and because Baho Food’s made an great overall asset to the OSI Group’s European facilities.

Baho Foods Production Of Quality Food Products

The OSI Group’s COO, David McDonald, stated that the quality of food produced at the Baho Food Company was exemplary and fit well with the established OSI brand. The Baho Food group is known in Europe for its excellent production of deli meats, snack food products, and other convenience foods. McDonald stated that the production of this food will create a new level of service to the ever growing OSI Group customer base. Because the OSI Group ( is always seeking to diversify products and services for new customers, the company chose the Baho Food group from a number of potential candidates for acquisition. McDonald stated that company executives were hopeful that the new acquisition would be available for public consumption within the next several months. The expansion of food products offered through this acquisition will serve to secure a broad customer base in Europe.

Excellent Skill Set of Baho Food Executives

McDonald also discussed the skill set of the leaders of the Baho Food Company with regard to the decision to acquire the company. Although the OSI Group acquired the Baho Food Company, the relationship between the companies will act more as a merger due to the fact that all of the previous Baho executives will remain to their former company. Instead of replacing the executives of Baho with new employees, OSI Group executives decided to utilize the expertise that Baho executives had already developed with regard to the food company. By keeping previous executives on the staff, OSI Group officials hope to ease the burdens commonly associated with foreign acquisitions..

Baho Food’s Role As An Asset

Baho Food Company was chosen as an acquisition because of the overall positive effect it will have on the expansion of the OSI Group. Executives of the OSI Group discussed the beneficial nature of the acquisition with several representatives of mainstream business magazines. The executives stated that the acquisition of the Baho Food Company will enable OSI to meet the needs of their customers in new and innovative ways. Executives hope to serve the European community through the development of catering services as well.

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