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Buying Clothing Overseas: Will It Fit?

Apps like Wish and AliExpress make shopping fun and affordable. These apps have a variety of clothing categories ranging from winter coats to summer bikinis. The styles you’ll find on these apps are trendy and unlike anything you’d find searching your local mall. While it can be all too exciting to see an article of clothing you’d love to wear, it’s important to understand the sizing behind these items. Almost all of the clothing you’d find on these apps are made overseas in Japan or China. Sizes in these countries are not the same as what you’d find in the local American clothing store.


For example, a size small here would be a size large or extra-large overseas. This means that when you buy clothing using these apps and order your true size, don’t be surprised if it doesn’t fit at all. Many reviews you’ll find talking about these apps tell tales of people ordering large sizes only to find that what comes in the mail wouldn’t even fit their toddler. So while you’re saving money on cute-looking clothing, you’re getting ill-fitting and cheaply-made materials. Reviewers have even talked about the clothing looking nothing like the picture and being made using thin, cheap material that wouldn’t stand up to hand washing, let alone a washing machine.


It’s not fair to say that everyone has a bad experience using these apps, as millions of people order items from them every single day. There has to be some good to the bad because why would so many people be ordering in the first place? Before you place any order with an overseas-based company, read reviews, understand sizes, examine quality and don’t fall for low-price gimmicks. While you might be saving money on your clothes by buying this way, it’ll be useless when nothing fits or wears well.


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Fighting Multiple Sclerosis – Hope in Stem Cell Transplants

There is a wide range of multiple sclerosis (MS) symptoms including chronic pain, motor and speech difficulties, weakness, and fatigue. In most patients, these symptoms are periodical and worsen with time; this condition is described as relapsing-remitting MS. Fortunately, researchers have found a long-term solution to the problem.


HDIT/HCT stands for high-dose immunosuppressive therapy and hematopoietic cell transplant. In this procedure, the first step involves collecting blood-forming stem cells from the patient. The patient then undergoes high-dose chemotherapy to deplete the body’s immune system. The collected stem cells are then injected back into the body to rebuild its immune system.

This method of treatment is long-lasting and more effective that the best MS medications in the market today. Patients’ MS stabilize for longer and in some cases some symptoms such as physical disability even improve.

However, the method also carries some risks primarily associated with the high-dose chemotherapy. The side-effects and risks include infections and discomfort. The research lasted years was conducted on 24 volunteers aged between 26 and 52. Three of the participants are said to have died, but none of the deaths was linked to the treatment. A full report of the five-year research has been released and further tests about its benefits and risks are ongoing.

About Dr. Gopal Vasishta

Dr. Shiva Gopal Vasishta graduated from the Government Medical College in 1979 and advanced his studies in residency at Boston City Hospital. Today, he is a practicing neurologist at Voorhees, NJ and a respected authority in the field. He also specializes in psychiatry.

Dr. Shiva Gopal Vasishta is affiliated with Kennedy Health System Cherry Hill Campus. He currently practices at Eastern Neurodiagnostic Associates and accepts a wide range of insurance plans including Medicare and Aetna. He is also well versed in both English and Spanish.

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The Fashion Industry Has a “Reason” For Not Catering to Plus-Size Women

If you saw Aidy Bryant on a recent episode of “Late Night with Seth Meyers,” you may have noticed and admired her Tanya Taylor dress. The dress was designed with expert precision. Or, you may not have given a second thought to the fact that the dress fit so well.


However, Glamour released “The Full Story Behind The Size 18 Dress Tanya Taylor Made for Aidy Bryant.” The magazine stated that when Taylor learned that no other fashion designers offered to make a dress for Bryant to wear for the red carpet, Glamour asked Taylor to make a dress for Bryant to wear to an event.


Bryant’s dress is beautiful and Taylor is an expert designer. Tanya Taylor has made clothes for a number of celebrities, including Olivia Munn and former First Lady Michelle Obama. The story of Bryant’s struggle to find a red carpet look is not a new one: celebrity reveals that no designers will dress her, a designer volunteers to do the job, and said designer is praised.


However, there is a bit of an interesting twist to this story. Taylor doesn’t design clothes above a size 14. However, she is being applauded for making a size 18 dress for Bryant. Even after this, Taylor says that she won’t broaden her size offerings because her retailers only purchase clothes that are “up to a size 12.”


Tim Gunn expressed his disappointment in the fashion world when it comes to dressing plus sized women recently as well. Gunn shares that, for many women, shopping for larger than a size 14 is a “horribly insulting and demoralizing experience,” even though 67 percent of women in the U.S. are plus-sized.


In a statement to The Huffington Post after the publication of this story, Tanya Taylor said that working with Bryant on the Glamour project “strengthened our desire to move into the space.” Taylor said that she will now be launching select styles in plus sizes for the pre-fall collection.

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Shopping For Fashion 2017 Comes Easy With Celebrity Model Campaigns

When women and men shop for fashion, they sometimes want to identify with the model wearing the clothes they are interested in. In other words, it helps some shoppers want to buy the clothing, when they recognize a famous face and body in them.


For example, Hailey Baldwin of the famous Baldwin brothers family is a commercial print model in her own right. According to, the BFF to the Jenner girls is fronting H&M’s Denim Days campaign.


The glam 20-year-old blonde model rocks the brand’s vintage-inspired jeans in styles that include the high-waist, straight-leg, an ankle-grazing crop and skinny jeans.


Hailey has tons of fans watching her every style movement and copying her look down to her favorite skinny dark-wash jeans with some rips.


Men have style icons, too, and the younger brother of the Hadid sisters is also making his way into model stardom. Anwar Hadid might only be 17, but he’s just clinched a major gig fronting Hugo Boss’ HUGO line. Anwar is the face of the campaign, whose beautiful lay-out shots were captured in the California desert by photographer Harley Weir.


Sisters Gigi and Bella Hadid have folks doing double takes in their fashion campaign for Moschino – Spring 2017. The girls wear “paper doll-like dresses” that pick up inspiration from the famous Jacqueline Susann 1966 novel, “Valley of the Dolls.”


Kendall Jenner of Kardashian fame is also picking up campaigns for 2017, most notably for La Perla’s Liberation Movement. The famous lingerie brand is featuring the model in pretty lingerie and suits. Kendall is photographed wearing the Autografo collection, which includes embroidered bras and panties inspired by calligraphy.


Many designers enjoy featuring celebrity models lately. Fans identify with them, even though some of these stars are not of standard model height or shape.


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It’s Award Show Season Again: Fabulous Fashions You’ll Love

It’s that time of year again—the special months when celebrities take to the red carpet, advertising their latest and greatest films while wearing some of the best designer pieces in the world. If the Golden Globes was any indication, this award show season is shaping up to be one of the most dazzling—and surprising.


Lola Kirke was perhaps the first celebrity to get tongues wagging on the red carpet. Not only did she wear a gorgeous floral ballgown, but she also sported a pin with a political statement—and unshaven armpits. This may have been our first sign that individuality is definitely going to be key this season. With reporters being urged to ask actresses about more than the dress they are wearing, as well as a highly charged political environment, it seems as if making a statement is trickling down to every detail of the fashions this year. Whether it’s accessories or gowns, women will truly be making a strong statement.


Evan Rachel Wood’s look, a gorgeously impeccable tuxedo, seemed inspired by screen siren Marlene Dietrich—and she wore it very well. Hidden Figures actress Janelle Monae decided to express herself by bedazzling her hair with stunning pearls that happened to match her dress. It was a look that we’ve never really seen on the red carpet before, and it suited the beautiful Monae perfectly.


Emily Ratajkowski’s plunging neckline and faux bob also managed to turn a lot of heads, and Olivia Culpo’s bold print made her Golden Globes look very memorable. In a year when the world’s climate seems to be shifting—in more ways than one—everyone on the red carpet showed that they will continue to take risks this year. As we continue to get deeper into award show season, don’t be surprised to see celebrities taking more and more fashion risks. With so many great films this year, it seems as though creativity is being celebrated in all forms.

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Passionate Advertising Specialist – Jose Borghi of Mullen Lowe Brasil

Jose Borghi is a popular name within the Brazilian advertising industry. He had Co-Founded and is the current Co-CEO of the Brazilian advertising agency, Mullen Lowe. His strong passion for advertisement had led him to jointly establish this ad agency despite having no capital to back up his business venture. The title of Mullen Lowe Brasil had actually been established after the successful merger between the Mullen Group and previously acquisition enterprise from Borghi, then known to be Lowe & Partners.

The Creative Mind of Jose Borghi

Jose Borghi is a truly talented individual specialized in advertisement and marketing industry. Brazilians have always been pleased to see Borghi’s work being internationally recognized at prestigious events. His advertising talents went unnoticed in Mamíferos da Parmalat translated in English as Mammals of Parmalat. The ad was ingrained into the minds of its viewers with the catchy advertisement jingles being sung by adorable children in stuffed animal costumes. He was also the brilliant mind behind the development of É o Amor (It is the love).

Creative Advertising and Marketing Online Insights by Jose Borghi

Some of Jose Borghi’s latest online insights were published on the June of 2016 on the website, Noticias Terra Brasil. These articles highlight how the advertising and marketing industry is being revolutionized by the advancements in access to the World Wide Web. In these articles, Borghi recognizes the successful utilization of these latest modifications by international ad agencies, and he attempts to motivate the Brazilian advertising agencies to use these optimally as well. One of the articles discusses the need for Brazilian retailers to utilize electronic commerce through mobile-friendly sites that make smartphone devices and tablets compatible. Borghi recognizes this international trend and emphasizes that the trend should be encouraged nationally in Brazil as well. In the second article, Borghi suggests Brazilian advertisers and retailers take advantage of increased access to the internet. He believes online business engagements will improve Brazil’s economy through increased revenues.

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Meet Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer, one of Brazil’s most successful entrepreneurs

Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer comes from a family that respects entrepreneurship. As a matter of fact, he comes from a long line of entrepreneurs. For this reason, he is also recognized as one of the most proficient entrepreneurs in Brazil. He is the current president of Grupo RBS Company based in Brazil. Because he works to sustain his development practices in the company, he has achieved so much for the company about management. Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer is also a highly respected business entity in the country. Since he became the president of the company, his ties have grown in a manner that is not identified in this business. For this reason, no one can withdraw his leadership position in the company.

Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer is now among the most important figures in the Brazilian business market. His company has more than 6,000 employees in the country. For this reason, it is also recognized as the largest employer in Brazil. As a matter of fact, he has worked to define high-end capacities in a manner that is not depicted in the region. Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer has also ascertained that Grupo RBS is one of the only companies that worry about the development of an individual’s career. For this reason, it received an award for being one of the only companies that mind about career development.

Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer is the current Chairman and President of the enterprise. Because he has a good baseline in career advancement and management skills, he has developed his career to a level of unmatched capacity in this industry. For this reason, no one has attained this leadership skill in any of the world-largest capacities. Before he joined the family business, his career started in the United States when he worked as a real estate advisor in business and investment.

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If You Fall Under this Category, Do Not Miss On The Offers By Equities First.

Equities first is a company that is focused on providing comprehensive alternative lending solutions to individuals with a high net worth and businesses looking for non-purpose capital. They aim to operate a global portfolio with a specialization in securities based lending. The company has an outstanding service experience having served clients for over 15 years. They have polished their skill and have successfully completed over 700 transactions. Currently, the company has offices in nine locations across the globe.

The kind of lending options provided by Equities First is ideal for high net-worth individuals or borrowers who need to access cash quickly. People who are under qualified for various types of credit-based loans may also benefit from the services offered by Equities First. As a matter of facts, the comprehensiveness of the services offered by the company makes it ideal for many clients. Conventional means of obtaining loans have a lot of red tape involved making getting liquidity needed even more expensive. Equities First is a company that is committed to easing the procedures and stress required to access cash; they do one thing for you so that you can fulfill your dream of being financially stable.

Equities First also offers stock loan services to its clients. Individuals with equities can use them as collateral for up to three years. If a person has stock in a certain venture and feels that it may appreciate in the near future, they can transfer their shares to Equities First. The Shares will then be used as collateral to get the liquidity proceeds they need. This means that individuals with significant stock in any company and urgently need flexible liquidity, Equities First is your best deal. Equities First also works with individuals who seek liquidity to expand their businesses or pay down a high debt. This is another group that will also benefit greatly from working with equities first.

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Watch Out For Fashion Week

While fashion events are pretty fun to watch, a lot of them contain outfits that could not and should not be worn. For one thing, these outfits could only be worn by people that are trying too hard to be stylish. Even then, some of these desperate people would know better than to even look at the item. Instead, it is better for one to think about the look that would make himself feel good with little thought about what someone else thinks. Fortunately, there are tons of stores that have something unique to offer.


One of the best things one could do when looking for a store that sells something unique is ignore department stores. Instead, it is better to go to specialty clothing stores. Among these types of stores are what some people call fast fashion. While they may not be the most durable clothes, they can give one a taste of what is out there for him. As a matter of fact, some fast fashion stores offer something that is really attractive and comparable to the more reasonable looks on the runway.


While one is not that likely to look like he is on the runway, he is definitely likely to come up with outfits that will make him more attractive than before. It is amazing what a simple change in style could do for a person. All he needs is creativity and a willingness to expand his horizons. He also needs a sense of what he wants.


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Los Angeles Gaining Importance in Fashion World

New York City has long been the the fashion capital of the United States. Every major design house is headquartered there, and every budding brand wants to be seen at New York’s Fashion Week shows each season. However, quite frankly, more and more top names are tiring of the hassles that comes with February’s winter weather and are taking their acts to sunny California.


Some of the first to make the move were Tommy Hilfiger, Rebecca Minkoff, Tom Ford and Rachel Zoe. All of these names were trendsetters in offering their Fall Fashion Week showings up for immediate sale to the attendees,rather than waiting until the following season to go public. It seems these designers are eager the break the mold in a lot of ways.


More designers decided to follow suit by defecting from New York Fashion Week to Los Angeles for the winter show. Rachel Comey and Dior’s Maria Grazia Chiuri are making plans to have major showings in the City of Angels. Los Angeles is definitely showing potential for growth among the fashion world’s elite.


So far, LA still fails to hold the status and cultural currency of New York. Industry leaders, including Tom Ford himself, still think the original fashion mecca is where it’s at. However, with these recent additions to LA Fashion Week and other important showings in the city, it may be possible that the entertainment capital could be giving the fashion capital a run for its money.