The Fine Words of Brad Reifler

The CEO and founder of Forefront Capital has spoken out against the limited investment opportunities for unaccredited investors, and offered tips to help them manage their money. He, Brad Reifler, stated on Reuters that many events in his life led him to this point, where he is turning the entire concept of his business around. Most investing is done by the wealthy. Reifler believes that that is just not right.

The financial world is tough for people not in the top 1% of wealth. Reifler talked a lot about student debt, and the struggle to save money. Even business entrepreneurs feel the prejudice from their more established counterparts. Many investors feel that they are superior because of their social rank or yearly income.

Reifler is amending many of his company’s policies in order to accommodate another class of investors. He thinks that everyone should have an equal opportunity to invest.

His tips should help. They are:

1) Consider all risks before investing. Be careful how you spend your money.

2) Make sure your money is safe and secure.

3) Do not drain your funds into the stock market.

4) Know the person who is doing your investing. You should trust him or her.

5) Know what you are investing in. You should be aware and comfortable with the objectives of the investment.

Reifler wants to give his extended client base the power and knowledge to define their own futures. Investing is a complex business, he says; one that everyone should be able to navigate. A lower income does not mean some one is not intelligent enough to invest. It also does not make that person any less valuable.

Reifler’s new vision for his company is one that represents the People, no matter their tax bracket.