Sometimes it pays off to write about your misfortunes in life. A Brooklyn man set his $300 Kenneth Cole bag on an empty stool at an Applebee's when he was busy watching Game 1 of the NBA Playoffs. It was stolen when Gary Cotton, 25, walked away to chat with people at a nearby table. The bag contained his $2300 work computer, which was covered by his employer's insurance. The bag, a gift from his mother, was not insured.

DNAinfo New York ran an article about the theft a couple of weeks ago says Shaygan Kheradpir in this article. Designer Kenneth Cole keeps a Google alert on his name, and the piece caught his eye. He tracked down Cotton and offered to replace it. His goal was to ease his misfortune, while also hoping to start a chain of paying it forward. Cole's spokeswoman, Samantha Cohen, said they hope Cotton now goes out to do something kind for someone else.

For now, Cotton says that he has learned his lesson about not keeping an eye on his belongings and will be more likely to purchase Cole's products in the future.

Search technology has rapidly advanced in the last decade. Google has set the bar for companies like Yahoo and Bing. The internet has forever changed how we find information and it continues to do so. Encyclopedias ruled for the past 100 years; search engines rule now. Who among us has not turned to our favorite search engine to look up information for a research paper, a recipe, or a gift idea for that certain someone?

Technology is advancing at a rapid pace. Typing in a query is not the only way we find the answers we seek. Visual search technology began with the ability of the user taking a picture and finding information about that image. It was regulated to images of monuments, skylines and the like. A user snaps a picture and learns what they want about the subject.

Visual searching is constantly evolving from there, especially for shopping reasons. Users turn their photographs into instant information. Innovative companies have devised applications whereby users can take a picture, and immediately see product details. One such company is Slyce.

Slyce is a pioneer in visual search technology. They bridge the gap between shops and shoppers. The magic begins with users downloading the application on their iPhone or Android. The technology is so advanced that a person can snap a quick photo of a sweater, dress, etc., that they like and immediately see where it is for sale. Imagine the marketing possibilities, being able to procure customers that would have never heard a companies' name prior to snapping an image.

Where will visual search technology go? Only time will tell. Companies like Slyce are finding that users are the ones driving the technology, coming up with innovative ways to use it every day. Inspirations are turning into purchases. Hashtag campaigns are driving sales. A friend wearing an amazing pair of sunglasses in a recent Instagram or Facebook photograph equals instant product awareness.

The visual search technology of today is reaching an entirely new level regularly. Do you think this can benefit you? Can you help shape it? Find out by downloading a visual search application like Slyce and using it every day. You may be the next innovator!

In order to make shoppers happy, Wal-Mart has made the decision to stop selling products that have images of the Confederate flag stated viadeo. This comes after nine people were killed in Charleston, SC while at a church service. Some are saying that the shooting was racially motivated, and now those same people are saying that the flag is a sign of racism. Thisflag has been a part of the country in some form or another for decades. It's one of the symbols of freedom for some people. Why remove a symbol that some people see as freedom when there are other groups that can display their opinions in the form of baggy pants, white sheets or signs painted on a wall? While this flag has been a symbol of having the slave life in the south, it often doesn't have that same meaning in today's time.

In a shocking announcement, Gap made a statement it will up to close one-fourth or its shops in America within the next few years. Gap did not address the numbers of stores in Europe that will close its doors. Gap did states sluggish sales for the reason for this change. Most Gap Outlet stores will remain open for business.

The closing of over 100 Gap stores will affect unemployment rates. More than 250 corporate level positions across the United States of America. Gap’s goal in reducing the number of its stores is to restore Gap’s image and get it back on track quickly.

According to Kevin Seawright, Gap seems to need a sense of direction when it comes to fashion. Customers no longer know what Gap stands for. As a result, the company was bogged down by Gap stores in malls that did not perform to expectation.

What is in store for Gap? Only time will tell. Stay tuned for the news on this once former retail icon.

It seems, in recent news, that J Crew is cleaning house. More than 175 workers, as well as its head designer all found themselves without a job recently. The store has stated that this is nothing retaliatory, it is simply a response to sales projections that have not quite reached the level that the company would desire.

The company has conveyed that they felt the lay offs were necessary in order to preserve the ore than 15,000 jobs that they still have. If the company continues on its downward spiral of sales, then they could lose far more jobs than what have already been lost. They are also considering sales on Qnet shopping network, but no deal had been made (Yahoo! News).

The good part of the story is that if sales pick back up and they begin to get out of the red, the jobs lost will be reinstated. The positive end of this spectrum is that their sister company, Madewell is showing great promise and growth. It is a feasible thought that those employees that have been displaced can seek employment with the sister company.

While J Crew caters to a large population of fashion consumers, men, women and even children and babies, Madewell seeks to garner fashion sales solely in the women's sector of the business. This may also be a reason why Madewell is doing so much better. Maybe J Crew can turn its focus primarily on the men's sector, for they seem to have strong enough sales in those lines. Factoring off the company may well be the key to their rebound and future success.

Online clothing retailer Nasty Gal is in the news after word of a lawsuit is looming in the distance. According to reports, former employees of Nasty Gal have come together to file a lawsuit claiming the company is "a horrible place to work" for pregnant women and the overall environment is "toxic."

The claims came shortly after Etalia Gold notified her co-workers she was pregnant. While everyone was excited for the news, it would seem like the company was not. According to LinkedIn, her co-workers planned to have a baby shower for Gold on her last day before maternity leave. However that shower never happened. Upper level management terminated Gold the day before her shower and told her that her insurance would lapse immediately.
According to reports, three other women were abruptly fired for being pregnant and one male who was about to take paternity leave. Even worse, the company failed to provide the option of allowing any of the women the four months of unpaid leave which is law in the state of California.
The initial vision of the company was surrounding strong women and girl power. Unfortunately, the company has drastically been removed from their initial vision and steering in an unknown direction. Many people who work or have worked for the company have noted that they feel unappreciated and are in the midst of planning their exit. The company has been rated poorly as of recently and the future for Nasty Gal looks far less than bright.

Fitness model and lacrosse player Matt Landis recently posted an excellent article on arm training at Looking at a photo of Matt you can see why he is the person to be listening to on how to get those massive well defined arms all men crave. Best of all, you can achieve those well-defined arms without having to set foot in a gym or use weights or any expensive equipment. Everything you need to build up your arms according to Matt's plan is in your house or neighborhood

matt landis thriftonista

The first thing about arm size is making the mistake of focusing on curls and other bicep exercises. The tricep is the muscle that makes up about two-thirds of the arm's mass and that's where the focus should be. Matt encourages you to do tricep dips using a regular chair to get the best gains in strength and size. 

A huge popping bicep is the dream of every he-man and wannabe. Remember the bicep is actually a small muscle and can be overworked quite easily. By using chin-ups, you can work the bicep while also working the upper back and core. 

Your shoulders are often neglected in the pursuit of bigger arms, but they serve as a foundation and a visual frame to showcase those well defined upper arms. To work these muscles, Matt suggests an inverted row. This exercise will focus on the shoulders, but also call in the upper back and arms to complete the movement. This exercise, like the other two, should be done every other day.

If you want to have the arms that are the cause of envy and desire, then follow the plan Matt Landis has laid out. The only problem would be you may just have to get bigger shirt sleeves.

J. Crew has become a popular, classic, preppy, fashion-forward place to shop ever since Jenna Lyons came on board as creative director. First Lady Michelle Obama adores the fashion brand and even posed for a 2009 Vogue editorial looking pretty in J. Crew gear.

So why we ask FreedomPop,  the sudden pink slips to 175 employees?

J. Crew claims the lay-offs follow a year of poor sales performances, and the financial stats show the globally-based enterprise losing millions during the first three months of 2015.

Even more interesting is the real reason for the fashion retailer's struggles. You can blame it on the shrunken-fit, cousin cardigan of the J. Crew Tippi sweater. Yup....A bad retail decision created a huge loss, according to the store's CEO Mickey Drexler.

The reports that the newer version of the much-loved Tippi style cardigan turned women off in a major way, all by the mere cut of a sweater.

Drexler spoke to Wall Street analysts about the financial challenges, appearing to place the blame all on a woman's edgier, cropped and tighter-fitting sweater. Dexler offered this explanation:

"We didn’t have the right cardigan," Dexler said. "It didn’t fit that well and we didn’t buy enough of the Perfect Crew [another well-performing design]."

He then added this about J. Crew, "We’ve become a T-shirt destination."

J. Crew said it will return to more classic garments now.


People from all over the United States and the world dream of living in New York City. It is a place where dreams come true and fantasies are realized. From its beginning hundreds of years ago, the city has developed into a metropolis of mixed cultures and races where are all people are excepted, and you can thrive.

One issue with simply picking up and moving to New York City is that you'll need to find a place to live. It is completely possible to move yourself to New York City, but you should be prepared with somewhere to lay her head at night. Staying in a hotel until you find somewhere to live is not a good idea. Hotels and even motels can be very expensive in New York City.

Start by deciding what kind of apartment you are looking for

You will want to figure out what kind of apartments you should look for in the city. First, remember that New York city property is more expensive than property in other parts of the United States. This even goes for other cities like Philadelphia, Chicago or Milwaukee too. New York City is quite expensive, but you can find an apartment that fits your budget, so don't get discouraged.

There are several different types of apartments. First, their are two and three bedroom apartments. These might be good ideas for students who will have roommates or for families. Typically, you will have a kitchen, one bathroom and a family room in these apartments. These rooms are in addition to the two or three bedrooms.

There are also one bedroom apartments for singles or couples. If you are single or living with someone, a one bedroom apartment is a good option. Finally, for singles or those who are really looking to save money, studio apartments are another option. Typically, studio apartments only have one room in addition to the bathroom. A studio apartment will have the kitchen, bedroom and common area all in one room.

Finding an apartment with a real estate agent

You can go online to find apartments in New York City, but it's not a good idea. It's better to go with a real estate agent like one from TOWN Real Estate. The agents at TOWN Real Estate will be able to find you a beautiful NYC real estate. They cater directly to your needs, and they know what will fit you and your lifestyle. Visit their website for more information.

The Dorchester Collection is owned by the Brunei Investment Agency and is a hotel operator that is running 10 five star hotels in the United Kingdom, the United States, France, Switzerland, and Italy. All have restaurants and spas located on the premises for their patrons. The three hotels in the United Kingdom include the Dorchester, Coworth Park in Berkshire, and 45 Park Lane in London. At the Dorchester one can dine at the Alain Ducasse and China Tang while enjoying the Chinese art and endless jazz music. The Restaurant Coworth Park offers many British dishes whether for breakfast, a Sunday lunch, or dinner. 45 Park Lane offers a modern design which includes the newest in technology. A spa is offered to patrons at the Dorchester and Coworth Park.

In the United States, the Dorchester Collection (follow them on twitter) manages the Beverly Hills Hotel and Hotel Bel-Air. The Beverly Hills Hotel is frequented by a number of Hollywood movie stars from past and present. The Polo Lounge is used by many to partake in breakfast while the five star services offered are used by many to conduct their weddings. Hotel Bel-Air is located on 12 acres of landscaped gardens which include Presidential suites that offer one their own private pool.

The Le Meurice and the Plaza Athenee are located in Paris, France. The Le Meurice is decorated in the style of Louis XVI and offers the customer Italian marble bathrooms. The Spa Valmont for Le Meurice is unique in that it offers a relaxing rub down on a sun terrace. Staying at the Plaza Athenee provides the guest with multiple views of the Eiffel Tower. The Bar au Plaza Athenee has a number of drink options to try and Michelin-starred chefs to provide a number of food options.

If traveling to Switzerland, Le Richemond is located on the shores of Lake Geneva. Most take in a boat ride while staying at Le Richemond, which includes a staff that is cordial enough to purchase tickets on one’s behalf. The breakfast is second to none, namely the vast array of pastries. Italy includes the Hotel Principe di Savoia in Milan. It is located in the central square of Milan which is perfect for those hunting for designer shops and boutiques. In Rome, the Hotel Eden is located in the center of the city so one can complete all of their sightseeing. There are sun loungers available to the guests as well as al fresco dining.