Doe Deere fancies herself a unicorn queen and is the brilliant mind behind Lime Crime cosmetics. It's hard to miss her bright hair that she changes from purples to pinks, on a whim, as well as her unique take on the art of makeup. She is the beautiful face behind a growing brand that has changed the makeup industry. Her passion for cosmetics and all things pertaining to glitter, color and unicorns, and her strong stance on unapologetically being yourself, has skyrocketed her to success.

Doe was born in Russia where she lived until she was 17. She then moved to Ney York for 14 years before eventually making her way to Los Angeles. She has always been ambitious. She started her entrepreneurial journey when she was 13 years old, selling temporary tattoos to classmates and teens in her neighborhood. Once she set foot in the US she began to peruse a career as a musician. Doe credits her musical career with teaching her about business and especially marketing.

Following her heart, Doe eventually found herself dreaming of starting a cosmetics line. Since she was a little girl, Doe was always drawn to bright colors. Before her cosmetics company, Lime Crime, was created it was nearly impossible to find makeup that was outside of the "natural look" box. Doe thought there was too much beige gloss and brown eye shadow. She wanted to create the brightest makeup colors on the market, and she did.

Lime Crime was born out of necessity. As it turned out, there were many girls and women like Doe who wanted the same thing- bright, unapologetic makeup. Lime Crime customers take inspiration from the company's Instagram and pair neon bright eyeliners with bold lip colors. Some followers are even brave enough to sport the brightly colored hair that Doe herself is known for.

Doe believes in following her heart. She gives the same advice to any young entrepreneurs who are also ambitious and looking to start their own businesses. She believes that everyone has a unique skill or quality and that they should use them to create a life that is unique to them- one that meets all of their dreams.

She also believes that her company, Lime Crime, gives women the freedom to be themselves. Because of the company's supportive fan base, customers have a group of like-minded people to connect with. They can express themselves without fear of being judged.

Lime Crime is on a mission to empower women and to encourage them to express their inner-selves without feeling limited. The brand is all about trying new things, using lots of color and never being afraid of a little bit (or a lot) of glitter.

Creating an image can be challenging, but using the right product line, while properly applying the cosmetics can simplify life. It may be tempting to just grab any eyeliner or mascara at the local pharmacy, however, these will likely produce less than glamorous results.

As an alternative to shopping locally, there is a marvelous company called Lime Crime, selling a cruelty-free cosmetic line. The website is done with the clearest of colors, to help customers visualize the products they are ordering, and Lime Crime will ship orders over $50.00 free. Furthermore, and likely the prime sell point of Lime Crime cosmetics, is their flare for the dramatic with the matte colors to sparkles galore, allowing customers to select the unique color palette that is right for them.

The best products, can really help enhance any makeup application, creating a unique, spectacular appearance that lasts.

- Creating a well-defined eye. A light colored, shimmery shadow for the lid works well with a darker, dramatic matte color in the crease and slightly above. A combination such as this, works to create a high contrast appearance, exemplary for the evening. When paired with a glittery pair of long lashes and a dark liner, these eyes are ready for a night on the town.

- The best lips. Lining the lips with a slightly darker color can help enhance their definition and make them pop. It's best to use a true lipstick under your gloss for a look that will last. Traditionally dark colors are more dramatic and lighter colors are considered to be for daytime, today colors are about the individual not about what time it is. Glitter is a crowd-pleaser any time of the day or night.

- Defined cheeks. Defining the cheeks can be done by applying a darker foundation to the cheekbones prior to applying your other makeup. Cosmetics are expressive and while there are a variety of traditional cheek looks out there, however, the more common alternative guises involve applications such as well defined teardrops or glitter freckles.

Makeup is about the individual, so have fun with it. Whether looking to make a statement or express a mood, nothing is more individual than using cosmetics to express individuality and style.

Image recognition by slyce is the latest technology when matters related to virtual shopping are concerned. Once fully adopted, this technology will revolutionize the way people do shopping. With this technology, a person can buy items without visiting the store physically and without having to conduct an online visual search for hours. What the shopper needs to do is to take an image of the desired item and use the technology to analyze the item in the picture and come up with a similar product or at least a match that is close.

Once the photo is taken, it is processed by a recognition app on either a smartphone or a tablet whereby a lot of information is revealed to the user about the particular search. The technology app shows information such as the brand of the searched item, the styles and colors available as well as the product name and brand. The technology also reveals stores where the user can purchase the item and whether it is in stock at the time of search. With this phenomenal technology, users can take a picture, search and easily buy an item. The technology has completely transformed taking pictures into a shopping method for a lot of products.

This technology is very similar to recognition systems that are biometric. It uses all the item's characteristics like colors, designs, textures and markings to come up with a concrete search result when compared with other products in the database. When the characteristics are very similar to a particular product in a database, the findings are given to the user through the technology app.

Retail shops that have embraced this technology have experienced better sales because they are getting more customers as compared to expecting them to come to the stores physically to do the shopping. They are also able to update their inventory based on the searches conducted through the technology. On the other hand, shoppers can efficiently shop for intriguing items they come across without having to present themselves physically at the store location. Shoppers love this technology because it provides them with the necessary convenience.

Slyce is the pioneer product recognition technology developing company. The company is also developing a technology app that will be used for physical advertisements and coupons. With this epic new technology, shoppers will be able to shop using their coupons from the convenience of their smartphones and tablets.

The new app called SnipSnap requires a buyer to take photos of the coupons and let the sales associate scan them on the phone. It is that easy to do shopping with Slyce's technologies. The convenience is truly phenomenal and time-saving for both the shoppers and store owners. After all, we are living in a digital world, and we should do all things digitally including shopping.

Cosmetics have been around for hundreds of years. They have been used by both men and women to create a more attractive look for day to day lives or to get the right look for a movie or performance as well as much much else. Cosmetics today are one of the biggest sellers in business and are used extensively by women to help their appeal. But today they are also being used to enhance your own personal style as well.

One of the companies specializing in enhancing your style rather than going for beauty alone is Lime Crime. Lime Crime offers an array of brighter more stand out styled colors to make your appearance pop out. From what they refer to as "Velvetines" which are essentially lipsticks to different ways to decorate your nails Lime Crime has everything you need to bring out your own style and flair. You can go as over the top as you want or be as mundane as you want that day with Lime Crime's product line.

Lime Crime as a company was started by Doe Deere who at the time had hardly anything. She had a dream of making the best cosmetic lines that would stand out more than any other. With Lime Crime her dream has become a reality. She has produced a cosmetics line that can help you to express your own personal flair and the products have no shortage on quality. They are made to be non harmful and are easily applied while being gorgeous as well.With their huge amount of variation and their awesome product line there's no reason to not make your next purchase be with Lime Crime.

Cosmetics as an industry have really come a long way. The business continues to grow and flourish as time goes on with tons of changes to how an individual's personal style and look can be done. Companies such as Lime Crime are really setting the bar high for the cosmetic industry and making huge changes because of their ability to make your look your own. It will be interesting to see what else can change in the industry in the next few decades and how these companies cause it to grow and flourish.

Luxury men’s shoes don’t just refer to dress shoes. They are also quality men’s shoes on bought for daily wear that are an investment since they last for a long time. There is an old adage that says that a man is made by the shoes he wears and it is not wrong. Men might not think it is necessary to focus on their attire, shoes and appearance but the world has changed and shoes can help to make the perfect first impression on a client, date or even a crowd full of strangers.

Here are some golden rules to follow before buying luxury men’s shoes -

Quality of Leather - The leather should be firm and supple at the same time. The leather should also be maintained regularly, as per the manufacturer’s instructions. The best option is to go for Italian calfskin leather and Paul Evans is, by far, the ideal choice. Their handcrafted shoes made from calfskin leather exude confidence and they also have a great variety for those men who are tired of the same cookie cutter styles available with other retailers.

Heel Size - Unless the height of the man is under 5 feet and, most importantly, the wearer is uncomfortable with that height, luxury men’s shoes should not come with a heel that is over 3 cm. A higher heel might work for boots but for dress shoes and formal shoes, it simply looks absurd. The correct way of finding out the right heel is by walking into a store wearing a suit so that the heel size can be checked there and then.

Shape of the Toe - Most experts like Paul Evans recommend buying luxury men’s shoes whose toe shape matches with the actual toe shape of the foot. However, for extremely blunt toe shapes, a little silhouette can be added by choosing something that is smooth and well rounded. It would be prudent to remember that buying shoes with a toe shape that is too tapered or wide would lead to utmost discomfort for the wearer.

Hire An Expert - Finally, for novice shoe buyers, expert and professional opinion is the best. It can come from your father, shoe designers, consultants and even people who are there to help buyers at the shoe store. Ultimately, an expert can help a buyer to make the perfect decision by recommending shoes that would be worn for a long time.

Shoes is not one of those areas where men should be stingy. As an investment, a man should buy the best shoes that his budget allows for. If possible, buying handcrafted shoes from top names like Paul Evans should be on the next shopping list of every man.

Are you heading out for a hot date? If so, you’ve definitely got to take a look at what makeup you’ll be wearing. After all, you want to look your best for this guy, right? And because he’ll naturally be looking at your face all night, it makes sense that you’ve got to be spot on when it comes to your makeup.

1. Lay the foundation

It makes sense that the first step in your makeup look should entail the use of foundation! You can choose from liquid or powder foundation. Just make sure that you choose one that exactly matches your skin tone. To see if you’ve got the right cover match, put your foundation on with daylight.

2. Cover up those spots and blemishes

Next, you’ll want to cover up any imperfections that you may have. You can do this with a thick cake concealer, or if you are using powder foundation, use a powder concealer. Blend it evenly into the foundation so there are no noticeable lines.

3. Add a layer of bronzer for definition

You’ll now want to add some bronzer to help define the sides of your nose and Just remember to choose a bronzer that does not have shine or sheen in it. This can be a bit gaudy to wear on a date, so it’s really not the best choice.

4. Turn heads with your blush

It’s time for blush. Blend this in with your bronzer, but only focus your blush brush on the apples of your cheeks. You can add a little to the tip of your nose as well if you like. As a final reminder, don’t go overboard with blush!

5. Tend to the lips

Lips are next, and you can get as crazy as you want. Stick to pinks and reds if you’re playing it safe, or go with some fun colors like green or blue. You should really let your personality shine when it comes to your lips.

6. Dazzle with your eyes

The last step is to make your eyes look amazing. Looking at pictures of your favorite celebrities and their eye makeup is a great place to start. Make sure you curl those lashes if they’re not naturally curly, and don’t forget at least a little black eyeliner on the top lash line. These are musts, and then you can do what you please.

A Note About Where to Buy Your Makeup

As a final note, don’t forget that it will really matter where you go for your foundation. If you choose to go online, you absolutely must check out Lime Wire, a makeup line run by the excellent Doe Deere. Doe Deere has really made her name in the business because of her makeup brand. It’s got a ton of buzz right now because of all the radical colors going on in her lines of lip color, nail color and eye color. When you want something new, fun and different for your makeup, Doe Deere’s definitely your girl!

As you read the beauty news on you are bound to see that there are always new products and make up styles that are being reviewed. It seems that for many girls, makeup seems to keep them stuck in one way or the other. They are limited by the colors, the textures and the way the make up wears on their skin and so many other factors. Most girls say that makeup needs to chance with the times. For so many girls, they want their make up to become a part of their over all expression. With so many standard run of the mill colors in items like eyeliner, eye shadow and lipstick, this is hard to accomplish.

Girls can read all of the makeup tips and tutorials online that they want, if they can't find the correct colors and make up products that they need to express their unique style, the makeup tips are lost. It is for this reason, the reason of creative self expression, that many girls are turning to the amazing make up colors of Lime Crime makeup.

For anyone who does not know, Lime Crime make up was created by technology and business executive Doe Deere. Doe believes it is awesome when a girl uses make up to express herself freely. Doe understands the need for freedom of expression and, she also understands the need to offer creative make up colors. These colors match the wild and eccentric style that so many girls want to express today. Doe has created a make up that can be a girl's best friend on so many levels. Girls can wear this when they party, go to a rave, a dance or for a night on the town.

Everyone that knows Doe Deere, already knows she talks the straight dope. Doe tells people like it is about Lime Crime and the make up she offers to girls everywhere. Well, we say girls, but, if you are a guy and want to buy some, Doe is fine with that too. Buy a way and why not? Lime Crime is an awesome make up brand. Offering colors that are out of the norm is the norm for Lime Crime and Doe.

Doe is an out of the box thinker and her brand reflects that. There are other brands on the market for people who love to fit into the society label of normal. If you want plain, boring and ordinary make up, Lime Crime is not for you. However, if you want exciting, brilliant colors and the ability to use make up for freedom of expression, This is the brand that will help you achieve those goals.

Regardless of the make up you are currently using, you owe it to yourself to check out the make up line of Lime Crime. When you see these great colors and realize that they wear well on your face, are easy to work with and enjoyable, you will know you found the most awesome makeup on the planet.

You've worked hard all of your life and the end is in the sight. As you move toward that light at the end of the tunnel and the prospect of retirement, you want to be able to enjoy it. You need to have enough money to live a comfortable lifestyle. You don't want to worry about how you're going to pay your bills or find a way to take that next vacation. The key is in making wise investments to stash money away so that you can live the way you want to in order to truly experience those golden years.

Putting Money Away is Key
Hopefully, you've been setting money aside in savings. It can begin with as little as $75 a month when you are in your twenties. If you start in your thirties, go with $100 a month. Reuters implies that the older you are, the more you'll want to put into your savings account, allowing your money to gain interest. If you are able to save more when you are younger, you'll reap even greater returns when you get to your retirement stage. You may even be able to retire sooner.

Dabble in Investments
Take a look around and you'll see that investments make the world go round. People who have a solid understanding of trading, stocks, and bonds know what makes the financial world tick. Brad Reifler is an excellent example, a man who can teach you the lessons you need to know if you are going to trade. His grandfather, Ray Friedman, set Brad on the path to investing by founding Refco. Brad rose to the top in the company as a key player in trading, moving on to start his own trading company. He's played the role of CEO and director at many companies since. Study Brad Reifler's track record to learn how it's done.

Beef Up Your 401K
If you have a 401K program, you are contributing a certain amount every pay period. Increase that amount and you will have more to work with when you are ready to walk out the door for the last time. Make your income work for you to create that nest egg you need at retirement.

Watch Your Spending
You need to take a good look at your spending habits. If you have debts, now is the time to get rid of them. You don't want hefty payments hanging over your head when you are no longer working. Consider downsizing when it comes to your home. Trim back your budget in any way possible. When you have fewer expenditures, you will be able to put more money in the bank in order to enjoy life after retirement.

There are many things one can learn from economists. Economists tell us about the health of the economy, and economists educate by studying factors that can affect income, wealth and well-being. While economists’ opinions may not always be considered popular or agreeable, that does not discount the fact an economist’s opinion can often guide important decisions not only in the lives of individuals, but of business owners and government. Unfortunately, public trust has waned due to economists’ opinion that the economy is doing better versus the fact that the economic struggle continues to dominate the lives of American families. Considering that economics is not believed to be an actual science, it is reasonable to be skeptical, and is often shown that even economists disagree on identical matters. Exploring what economists had to say about the Economic Stimulus Act of 2008 is a good example of those differing views.

Differing opinions on the same subject are not particularly a bad thing. Christian Broda, former professor of the Booth School of Business at the University of Chicago is of the opinion that the tax rebates of 2008 was successful in stimulating spending. Christian Broda and his colleague tracked household expenditures of 30,000 households receiving rebates earlier in the year and those households receiving rebates in the latter months. Behavioral economists, on the other hand, are of the opinion that tax cuts stimulate more spending than do rebates. Christian Broda’s research revealed that though there was a positive impact on spending as a result of the tax rebate, there was not an equal distribution of spending.

Though more than 70 million households received rebates, economists predicted that the economy was in turmoil, and in 2009 the U.S. found itself in the Great Recession. Most Americans cite subprime mortgages and Wall Street as the cause of the Great Recession. Economists do recognize that those events played a role, but also recognize that consumer spending patterns, borrowing, stagnant wages and income equality combined, over a period of time prior to the Great Recession, were the cause of a very difficult financial period for our economy. Increasing your knowledge on economics is definitely a smart decision to make. First and foremost, increasing knowledge on economics will decrease the challenges associated with understanding economists’ viewpoints.

Some college graduates will share that their course in economics was not the most exciting subject covered; however, most will admit that at the conclusion of the course, their understanding of subjects they thought they understood was tremendously enhanced, and that they feel more empowered because of that. Non-economist may believe that economists do not have glamorous or exciting careers. The popularity of economics degrees paints another picture and shows that the life of economists is a desire of many.

Based on the interview done by on Doe Deere of Lime Crime regarding how to turn dreams into reality, several things were noted concerning this woman.

Firstly, Doe Deere began his life in Russia. Doe Deere migrated to USA once she attained 17 years therefore she may say she lived her early years in Russia as well as New York and now resides in Los Angeles.

When she was asked if she was at all times ambitious, Deere said she was an imaginative and ambitious girl. Although she doesn’t believe someone is always imaginative, especially when a kid. And she believes the highest she ever dreamed was possibly to do music and this is just what Deere did once she relocated to New York.

Deere’s time as a musician facilitated her to know things like profession plus advertising and made her learn to essentially appreciate when her events were attended by people. This was her starting point, with imaginations of being a musician. Nonetheless, Deere then started a makeup business that turned out to be so successful to this date. However, she has constantly been somewhat entrepreneurial. Don Deere made her debut in business while in Russia when she attained 13 years; she sold impermanent tattoos and later made them a fad and vended to her fellow classmates. She marketed them by putting them on plus convincing other kids that it was cool to have temporary tattoos.

Deere resided in New York City between 1998 and 2012 and she had a good time there. She said that her stay in New York City was quite lengthy therefore Deere believes she transitioned to adulthood while in this city, because this is where she lived since she was 17 years. Deere lived briefly in Manhattan and then stayed in Brooklyn for 9 years, and this is where she did most of her things. She joined a band while in New York.

Don Deere commenced her music profession while in a band, and this was the meeting point with her husband. Deere and her hubby learned how work together immediately they met because both were songwriters and were indorsing the orchestra and this in fact became the inception of everything. They continued to learn more on how to collaborate while in the band.

Deere openly shared a word of advice with the younger girls who are just as aspiring as she is, to listen to their hearts since she believes that every person has something exceptional regarding them-a kind of unique talent or quality, which simply they hold. And once they fathom that, that’s the time they in fact start to flourish plus attain their particular potential. Deere states that young ladies ought to go where they desire and just explore it. She similarly said that it’s vital for people to connect with themselves as well as actually realize themselves to offer the best value because though while growing up many people feel, according to her personal experience, so different as well as alone in majority of their imaginations maybe.