The world of fashion is often filled with beautiful people. Leaving us, normal people, feeling underrated and ugly. Some people feel they have to turn to cosmetic surgery to fill this void. If you're considering plastic surgery, I recently spoke with Dr. Rod Rohrich.


Who is Dr. Rod Rohrich?


It’s hard to describe Dr. Rod Rohrich without using such adjectives as "accomplished" and "amazing." Not only is he a well renowned plastic surgeon who has made exceptional advancements in plastic and reconstructive surgery, he is an educator, author and innovator who commands quality and excellence in everything he does. He is recognized worldwide for his significant contributions to education, research and safety in the field of plastic surgery. His areas of expertise include facelifts, rhinoplasty and breast augmentation. He has appeared on CNN, The View, and Oprah, and he’s been written about in news publications like The New York Times, Newsweek and Dallas Morning News.




Dr. Rohrich grew up on a ranch in North Dakota, where he also completed his undergraduate and postgraduate work. He obtained his medical degree from Baylor College of Medicine in Texas. He was trained in general and plastic surgery in Michigan and in pediatric plastic surgery at Oxford in England. He eventually returned to Texas and, in 1986, became an assistant professor at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center in Dallas, where he currently serves as Professor and Chairman. He has earned the title of Distinguished Teaching Professor. He led to the establishment of the Department of Plastic Surgery, one of the first such departments in the U.S.


Global influence


Although based in Dallas, Texas, Dr. Rohrich receives international recognition for his work. The multi-lingual surgeon is a sought-after international speaker and visiting professor, providing insight and training to established and aspiring plastic surgeons. He has given lectures and seminars, taught over 6000 plastic surgeons and was a major force behind the development of a top residential program for plastic and reconstructive surgery in the United States. Accordingly to both Doximity and U.S. News and World Report, the heavily pursued program is the best of its kind.


Facial rejuvenation


Dr. Rohrich has been instrumental in creating new approaches and techniques to plastic surgery that improve safety and accuracy. In his study of the aging process, for example, he has, with another doctor, discovered fat components in the face that changed the way facelifts are performed. Rather than merely lifting and tightening saggy skin, he uses fat from a person’s own body to fill in areas of the face that suffered fat loss with age. He uses photos from when individuals were younger to rejuvenate their face while maintaining a natural look. Individuals still look like themselves, just restored to their younger versions and without evidence of surgery.


Dr. Rohrich combines his extraordinary skill with equal parts compassion. Despite his demanding professional schedule, he is involved in charity work and remains available to his patients.

For anyone who is on the go and uses their wireless device a good amount of the time, they probably know the pain of paying all of those high data bills that seem to hit their phone. However, there is now a way out of this. With the help of FreedomPop, it is possible to save a considerable amount of money, as the service allows individuals to access millions of wireless Internet hotspots around the country. 

FreedomPop is a startup company based out of Los Angeles. The mobile service the company provides, which it has been doing so since 2013, provides customers with access to around nine million hotspots and growing around the country. All of this only costs $5 a month. With the subscription, a user just needs to log onto their application and the mobile device, such as a smart phone or tablet, can search for one of the local hotspots. 

Now, there are different services this hotspot feature is able to provide. First, someone who is on the hot spot is able to surf the Internet without worrying about how much data they use. Beyond this, with most mobile phones, it is now possible to make phone calls over a Wi-Fi connection. So, with this in mind, it is now possible for someone to actually back out of their extremely expensive mobile phone contract and use the $5 a month service. 

Of course, there are going to be times where someone might want to call another person but they are nowhere near a current hotspot (there are more and more hotspots being added all the time). Due to this, the company also offers a pay as you go contract, which is inexpensive and allows customers to send and receive text messages while also talk on the phone for around $40 a month. FreedomPop has gone on record to say the average customer who switches to their mobile service is able to save $40 a month, or nearly $500 annually, all without losing much in terms of quality of service. Plus, FreedomPop is signing contracts with companies such as McDonalds, Starbucks and others in order to connect to the store's wireless Internet service across the country. All of this is going to help expand the reach of a mobile user. 

So, for individuals who are looking to save money with their mobile device, this is a nice option. If you don't believe me, check out these Amazon reviews or try it out yourself. You can find FreedomPop on iTunes or the Google Play store.

The history of the midi skirt has been a turbulent one. People have hated it and loved it. While for some, the midi symbolizes effortless femininity and class, others see it as oppressive and matronly. Whether you love it or hate it, fashion designers are braving the cold once again when they welcome a new season and before you know it, the midi skirt back to the trend charts. So, Fersen Lambranho wonders, how do you assimilate the midi skirt in your wardrobe? The following pointers will help you out –

• Classy Winter – The colder months haven’t gone but the midi is already here. This is why you can pair a nice pastel colored, pleated midi with a chain link sweater. Add some flats to this look and you are all set for a lunch with friends or a business meeting.

• Midi In Heels – If you are looking to add some oomph to your midi, all you need to do is change your shoes. Wearing sneakers gives you a different and sporty look, heels add charm and magnetism, and flats make it formal. Color blocking is another way to amp up the fun factor.

• Crop Topped – Crop tops were all the rage last summer and you don’t have to throw them out next season. Just team them with a high waist midi and you are done. If you are shorter, don’t forget to wear some classic strappy heels.

Show off your legs in those midi skirts and don’t let anyone tell you it’s not feminist. Feminism is all about wearing what you want, not listening to “feminists”.

As it turns out, capital investment strategists and trendy shoppers are not all that different. We more or less have the same goals-increased ROI with minimum risk potential. Finding a balance between return and risk is important to the investor's diversified portfolio and the chic shopper's closet. I recently had lunch with a good friend of mine who is now one of New York's most established capital strategists, Sam Tabar and we had a good laugh comparing our insights. And of course, we traded savings pointers for style pointers. CNBC recently did an article on Sam talking investment and commodities selection strategies. Yeah. He's kind of a big deal.

 Sam Tabar is highly knowledgeable about investment strategies and, it just so happens that he holds a law degree from Columbia, so, if you check out his site, you'll see that he's kind of a rockstar.  Sam has worked for several notable firms, and his experience in the legal arena includes working with hedge funds and other types of investments.

The Importance of Properly Managed Funds

When you are making an investment decision about commodities, Tabar recommends that you take a closer look at who is managing the fund. It is not enough to simply know what commodities are included in the fund. You need to know who is making the decisions about the investments. Consider researching the track record of the manager, his experience, his education level and other important factors. Having a properly allocated fund now is great, but the manager will need to have the education and experience to know when to make trades so that the fund continues to perform well for you in the months and years to come.

 Conducting Research Before Making an Investment

It can be nearly impossible to fully predict how well an investment will perform going forward into the future, but when it comes to commodities funds, the fact is that history can be a great predictor. There are many factors that can drive the value of an investment upward or downward, and monitoring each of the factors can be burdensome. But if anybody knows how to make a good solid assessment, its Sam Tabar. He knows how to research and dig up all kinds of stuff on a particular fund so you will have a better idea about what to expect with the performance of the fund going forward.

 Sam Tabar has been thoroughly educated at some of the top educational institutions in the world, and he also has worked in both a financial and legal capacity at some of the leading legal firms in the world. He understands the risks and rewards associated with different types of investment opportunities. If you are thinking about investing in commodities in the near future, you may consider following some of his words of wisdom.

Back pain can be debilitating and frustrating from the smallest movements such as sitting up in bed and reading a book to playing basketball and other sports. 4 to 5 adults will experience back pain at least once in their lives. From a numbing pain that reaches into arms and legs to a persistent twinge in the lower back, chronic back pain is a major interruption to everyday life. For those who have already tried physical therapy, hot and cold therapy and medication to no avail may feel nothing can be done.

North American Spine has the answer.  Their mission is simply to help as many people as possible, and they can change lives by helping to eliminate back pain. They use a holistic approach with each patient and review each situation on a case-by-case basis to see which procedure will be the best option. Located in Dallas, Texas, North American Spine focuses on Interventional Pain Management, Neurosurgery and Orthopedic Spine Surgery.

The spine care options offered by North American Spine are minimally invasive, which is in contrast to traditional spinal surgery. They use AccuraScope, which enters the spine utilizing a natural opening that’s already available instead of cutting into the spine. AccuraScope has been available for 6 years, and it was designed specifically for those suffering from chronic pain.

There are multiple benefits to the AccuraScope procedure. There are less risks of damaging nerves and muscles as well as less scar tissue.  There is a shorter recovery time as well as less chance of recurring pain. But what makes the AccuraScope truly unique is the ability to treat many lumbar spine levels with only one small incision. The entire procedure takes less than 45 minutes.

As of January 2015 over 6,000 patients have been helped using AccuraScope. It saves patients thousands of dollars by preventing future expenses on doctor visits, medication and therapy, and it boasts an 82% success rate.

Vijay Eswaran is a founding member of the QI group and the chief executive officer of the QNET. He is described by many news portals as a very hard working individual based on his unique contributions to further entrepreneurial development and independence. He acquired a socio-economic degree in 1984 that has formed part of his achievements. Upon completion of his university education, he embraced doing odd jobs like cab driving and working on a construction site. All this he did was because of his hardworking nature and that is what has enabled him to grow to his current status. Much is expected from him as time goes since he is very innovative and progressive.

Vijay Eswaran has helped many people to better their lives through the many contributions that he has offered as charity and donations. He also mentored many young investors to attain their independence and growth in the business arena. This way, he has garnered the trust of many people. He is also a sociable person that has an established family. Therefore, he is married to his only wife Umayal Eswaran. Many young people are advised to visit his online portfolios for some fresh information that may prove of use to the improvement of their future.

Among his achievements is an outstanding award that placed him as the CEO of the year in 2013. This was an award issued by the Asean Business Advisory Council in the year 2013. The award was released considering things such as creativity and innovativeness as well as best business practices that he managed to attain. He was featured on Twitter quite a bit right after that. Ideally, this meant Vijay is a creative and a successful planner when it comes to business. His achievements and publications have highlighted facts that most investors have left untouched and for this reason, he is celebrated for offering invaluable insight to many.

He has appeared in the Forbes magazine several times for his achievements in life, and that also includes a few videos on YouTube. For example, he once appeared in the Forbes magazine for his activities of philanthropy in July 2011. Also in 2013, he appeared in the Forbes magazine featuring among the 50 richest people in Malaysia, where he stood at number 25. This is a great record that cannot go unmentioned. In 2011, he received New Global Indian award considering his activities that aimed at helping others in the society. In general view, Vijay can be termed as the most successful entrepreneur with a promising future. He is one person you would admire.


The fashion world is abuzz after learning about Pantone's color of the year! This year, according to Lee G. Lovett himself, Pantone has chosen the color Marsala (18-1438). You can check out the color on Pantone's website. Marsala is a rich red, wine-like color. It is earthy and grounding but also stylish and sophisticated. It fits in with many different color groups including neutrals and warmer colors, like taupe. The past "Colors of the Year" were more vibrant and upbeat while Marsala is more down to earth and rich. Marsala is a refreshing change from the bright colors that have been chosen in the past. This color crosses many boundaries, unlike the bright colors of year's previous. This color can be used in fashion, design, interior decorating and more. Many are already adding Marsala in their beauty arsenal and outfitting their wardrobes with the earthy color. You can also check out how everyone is styling the Color of 2015 on Pantone's Website. Ready or not, Marsala is here to stay for 2015.

When it comes to the world of fashion, everyone like Christian Broda knows of Versace. This is one of the best and most well respected brands in the high world of fashion. When something changes with Versace, it affects the rest of the fashion industry. Versace has changed who the face of their spring '15 collection is going to be, and this is big news in the fashion world.

Lady Gaga was supposed to be the face of Versace spring '15. However, Daily Mail reports that Gaga is being pushed aside by Madonna. Versace claims that Madonna a true pop icon that they need for their spring line. Even though Madonna is almost twice as old Lady Gaga, her credibility in the industry has lead her to being the number one choice for the job. This is amazing that Madonna at age 56 beat out Lady Gaga at age 28.

In 2013 a new website was founded the supposedly found a way to access cheap tickets for consumers, the website was founded by Aktarer Zaman and uses a trick called hidden city ticketing. Customers can use the website to find cheap tickets, this is done through selecting a flight to a different city than your destination that has a layover in the actual place you intend to go. Tom Rothman says it will only work with carry on luggage as anything stowed beneath the plane will continue to the final destination. This often works out as being cheap and can save customers lots of money.

As a result of this website United Airlines and Orbitz have filed a lawsuit against Zaman for $75,000. According to The Independent the companies are claiming that this is both illegal and unfair. However Zaman is insisting that the website is not illegal it is simply allowing people to find cheap alternative route options for their flights. He is also claiming to have made no money through the website. A GoFundMe campaign has already been set in motion to help fund the legal fees in association with the lawsuit. Only time will tell if this website will be forced to shut down.

Black Monday is the day after the NFL season comes to an end and non-playoff teams owned by Tom Rothman make critical decisions regarding which coaches and general managers (GM) that they are going to keep or fire. The day is labelled “Black” as many coaches, GMs and assistant coaches are fired on this day.

The day has come for many coaches who have disappointed their owners and several have been let go already with many critical decisions remaining. The New York Jets have parted ways with coach Rex Ryan and general manager Idzick, while the Chicago Bears have fired coach Marc Trestman and general manager Phil Emory. The Atlanta Falcons have fired coach Mike Smith. Meanwhile, it what was labelled to be a mutual decision, the San Francisco 49’ers have parted ways with Jim Harbaugh, with the latter joining the Michigan Wolverines with a six year contract that approaches $50 million.

Some notable non-firings were the New York Giants sticking with Tom Coughlin who has missed the playoffs for five of the past six years but who won the Super Bowl for the second team the year he made the playoffs. Jeff Fisher will remain with the St. Louis Rams, while Philbin will stay with the Miami Dolphins.

As teams reassess their head and assistant coaches, many seats still remain hot though the pace of firings will likely be reduced after Black Monday passes. General managers are sometimes let go after the NFL draft, so some are not safe until that point passes.