For 27 year old Yeonmi Park life has never been easy. For most people that sentence is easy to apply to their own lives, but for Park it takes on special significance. You see, Yeonmi Park is a survivor and she escaped the most oppressive country on the planet in order to make it happen. Having endured 13 years under Kim Jong Un in North Korea and then 2 more under the brutal thumb of various human traffickers, Yeonmi is finally opening up to tell her story in order to possibly help those who are still trapped in the vicious world.

Back in 2007 Yeonmi Park, then 13 years old, and her mother made a desperate attempt to escape the oppressive North Korean regime that had seen so many of her countrymen killed. Kim Jong Un and his regime had turned North Korea into something resembling a nightmare. Bodies were stacked up on street corners, the citizens of the country were impoverished and hungry, and neighbor would sell out neighbor in order to curry favor with the local military.

Park's father, who would later die of colon cancer, was caught smuggling metal out into China in order to raise money for his family. As a punishment he was forced into a labor camp and he stayed there until his freedom was purchased by a Chinese human trafficker. Without her father to protect or provide, Yeonmi and her mother quickly made plans to flee the country. They found a Chinese trafficker that helped them escape into China down the Yulu River and past the North Korean guards. Once in China, however, things became much more grim.

Yeonmi and her mother were threatened with rape by the trafficker and Yeonmi's mother took the brunt of the violence. The two were sold into human trafficking and there they 'survived' for the following two years. Yeonmi was forced to become the mistress of a rich businessman and in return he offered to purchase both Yeonmi's mother and father. Park took the deal, reluctantly, After two years Park and her mother were beyond breaking and escaped in the dead of night, with three other slaves, across the Gobi Desert. They followed the stars in the -40 degree cold. Park was not the first person to take this 'Underground Railroad' and nor is she the last.

Now Yeonmi is setting herself up as an activist and a political figure, determined to bring change to a country that took so much from her. Park told tales of how North Koreans called the rest of the world 'impure' and 'hostile' and now she wants to swing the spotlight back to where the true chaos is reigning. Park is one of the few voices unafraid to speak out about her former plight and she is using these reserves of courage and fortitude in order to enact a positive change on the world. Yeonmi knows that her speaking out makes her a target but she is unafraid, saying that it is for "all of our rights, human rights."

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Flavio Maluf is the president of Eucatex, which is the first Brazilian company to consider environmental issues and wholesome comfort by using raw materials such as eucalyptus to make ceiling tiles and building panels. It now works to serve both the furniture and the construction industries. Eucatex is a beneficial company to the groups that have chosen to work with them. For example, they began an Environmental Education Program which has helped people who are dedicated to conservation by teaching about the handling of forests. They also train teachers to work with students and be able to handle situations that may come up on an everyday basis. Flavio Maluf has been with Eucatex for over three decades. His career has been very successful. He has built a name for himself as a mechanical engineer, an entrepreneur, and a lawyer.

Flavio Maluf is the son of Paulo Maluf, who was a Brazilian politician in the 1960s. Together as father and son, they founded Eucatex. Flavio Maluf began his work at Eucatex in the area of trade. He later tranferred to the industrial area of the company. Furthermore, he became an executive at Eucatex, and eventually went on to garner much success for the company. Due to his success, he eventually became president of the Eucatex Group. He expanded Eucatex by opening a brand new plant at Salto in São Paulo, Brazil.

In addition to running his business, Flavio is also involved in philanthropy.

Eucatex exports their products to both construction businesses as well as other industrial businesses. They have been very successful in doing so. Flavio Maluf in particular has credited the success of his company and its growth to the exporting of goods. In 3014, Eucatex earned $10.7 million in profits. Additionally, in recent years, the market for the products made by Eucatex products has risen by 30%.

Over the years, Flavio has proven himself to be a trailblazer in this industry. He is clearly both knowledgeable and confident in his business practices. He has built a small business into a strong global competitor in the industries of building and construction. He has ensured the success of Eucatex by having an experienced team and group of executives that are able to understand not only the industrial market, but also the markets in Brazil in general.

On an objective level, there's no argument that the world is a big place. But on a subjective level, it's feeling smaller every day. It's easier than ever to pick up new languages. And machine translation is opening doors to communicate with people even when one doesn't personally speak the language. But above all it's the Internet which is making the world seem so much smaller and more intimate. And this can especially be seen with international dating. And in particular with something known as AnastasiaDate.

The service actually predates the Internet by a number of decades. But it's with the advent of online culture that it's become really accessible for more people. And that accessibility means something important to those who make use of it. It means that people in one country can meet amazing people in another. While the usual match is between Western men and Russian women, the possibilities are as endless as the variations in people's hearts.

This new level of accessibility can be seen with the service's new focus on mobile apps. They've recognized just how important smartphones have become to communication. And as such, AnastasiaDate now supports the major smartphone platforms with a free mobile app. The AnastasiaDate service helps to connect people all over the world. But with the leap to mobile it's now possible for that communication to feel as easy and intimate as talking to one's friends in the same city. The same device used to text friends and family will now have a whole new world of dating within it.

All of this comes together for one big purpose. There's many different aspects to AnastasiaDate. Some aspects of the service are technical and some are social. But it all flows together into the same stream of pure human emotion. The service allows people in different countries to discover just how much they have in common. And it lets people discover that other cultures and lands have a wealth of culture and emotion to share with someone interested in exploring it. There's new customs, ideas, and above all chances for romance.

Back in the "good ole days", most households had a stay at home mom. Laundry, cleaning and cooking were all taken care of by this versatile, tireless individual. Nurse, doctor, chauffeur, and handyman are just a few of the hats she wore. Never off duty, she was always ready for anything. These days, it's a little different. Most families have both parents working full time. Add to that all of the extra-curricular activities involved in the average home, and there's just not a lot of time left for housework. A live-in maid would be wonderful, but how many of us can afford that?

What you really need is for everyone in the house to step up and help out a little. That, and someone that can come in once in a while to help. Maybe once a week, or maybe once a month. You never really know ahead of time. You need someone that can respond quickly when you need them, and always be available at the drop of a hat. You need someone that you can trust. You need someone like Handy, Home Cleaning Services.

Handy has not been around very long, but they have revolutionized the business of home cleaning. By connecting qualified workers with needy customers, they benefit both parties. Strict employment standards assure that all of their workers are top notch. Of thousands of applicants, only about 3% qualify. They currently have over 5,000 highly qualified workers ready to serve you. Handy has services available in 25 cities in the U.S., and 2 in Canada. They are also now offering services in London.

The surging popularity of Handy Home Services is due largely to the release of HandyBook; a software app on that makes it possible to connect the freelance cleaners with their customers. The clients contact Handy, and request whatever services they need. Handy posts these requests, and available workers accept whatever they chose. This makes it possible for the workers to chose when and how often they want to work. Their earnings are paid almost immediately, making it an excellent setup for both parties.

The business of house cleaning used to be sketchy. Often, cash was used to pay workers that weren't certified. This was risky for both parties. HandyBook has eliminated the cash payments, sending all of their funds electronically. This makes it possible for workers to build proof of income. It also makes it possible for freelance workers to be able to earn as much or as little as they want. The service, founded by Oisin Hanrahan and Umang Dua, has had a steady increase in business since they began in 2112. Meeting as college room mates, the two entrepreneurs came up with a new way to connect the supply and demand sides of home maintenance. Today, they're booking services at the rate of a million dollars a week. Pretty Handy, eh?

Sergio Cortes is well known as the best Micheal Jackson impersonator in the world, and the acclaim is well deserved. The 43 year old Spanish impersonator has spent most of his life preparing for the role of a lifetime. He considers it both an honor and a privilege that so many people think of the King of Pop when they see him.

Born in 1971, in Barcelona Spain, Cortes became infatuated with MJ when he was a young boy, and the King of Pop was still in the Jackson 5. His mother instilled a love of the pop singer in him and he began to dance, sing, and act like him. Cortes would study the way that Micheal Jackson carried himself to a degree that few others were doing, despite the fact that Micheal Jackson's international star was rising at the time.

As a teenager , during MJ's "Bad" period in the the 1980's he started to dress like the singer, and had photos taken that made people think he was the famous singer. A reporter published these pictures, and through them Sergio Cortes recieved a number of invitations to work as an impersonator. Today he has built his following up and has over 16,000 fans on Facebook, who love and admire him as the world's premire Micheal Jackson impersonator. He is most famous in Brazi, where the impersonator has a wide following.

Sergio has continued to work as an MJ impersonator, making the work his life's calling. He spends hours learning and practicing the choregraphy and music of Micheal Jackson's songs and videos. In 2012, he gave a tribute show in Spain in honor of the late singer. In fact, he works as hard as if it was his own music that he was performing. Sergio is so dedictated to his craft and spends so much time as the singer that many people have mistaken him for the real deal. In fact, he is such a good impersonator, that Sergio's appearances have caused some speculation that Micheal Jackson is still alive even six years after his much publized death in 2009.

Sergio Cortes is proud of all the fame and acclaim his hard work has given him. He feels privildged to live in the footsteps of his favorite singer, and hopes that he can contiue to keep the singer alive with tribute shows and by continuing to cover songs and videos.

Although Michael Jackson, King of Pop, passed away on June 25, 2009 there are still a lot of impersonators around the world who enjoy keeping his memory alive. In fact, some of these people have made Michael Jackson impersonations into a full-time career for themselves.

What a Michael Jackson Impersonator Is

Impersonators are look-alikes, meaning they have physical similarities either thanks to makeup or surgery. In either case, they've made themselves look like Jackson and can now imitate him throughout his various stages of life. Many of these folks were loyal fans and admirers of him while he was still alive. Now that he's dead, they put on performances wherein the imitate Jackson by singing some of his greatest hits, dancing some of his choreographed moves, and meeting and greeting fans. Some of them are even able to impersonate Michael Jackson's skin color changing phase.

Introducing Sergio Cortes

One of the greatest Michael Jackson impersonators alive today is a Spanish man by the name of Sergio Cortes. Born in Barcelona, Spain (where he still resides and performs today) in 1971, Cortes is now famous for his Michael Jackson impersonations all throughout Brazil. As an employee of Destiny Projects (a company specializing in managing artistic development) he has many supportive fans who enjoy how passionate Cortes is about his work. They also tout him as one of the best Michael Jackson impersonators alive today.

When you look at Cortes you'll see that physically, he's very similar to Michael Jackson. He also has a great resemblance to his voice. His impersonation work is almost perfect. If you compare them side by side, the two look almost identical. In fact, you could easily confuse these two if they were both alive at the same time.

Sergio Cortes' Work

Cortes began his career as a teenager, but his career was truly put in the spotlight in 2012 when he hosted a tribute show in Madrid.

A lot of people have told Cortes that Michael Jackson would be proud to attend one of his shows. Herein he recreated all of Jackson's hits, along with their choreography. He's also recreated many of Jackson's videos (e.g. Thriller, Smooth Criminal). Over the years he's performed almost every one of Jackson's songs. For his thousands of South American fans.

Sergio Cortes really is a name that stands out as one of Michael Jackson's best impersonators.

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Lime Crime is a wonderful company that puts a lot of time and pride into the many products that they happen to offer. The fact that you can quickly and easily get the items that you need at a reasonable price without overspending enables you to try a variety of different things without feeling like you spent way too much money. You will find that Lime Crime also has a number of colors and palettes that you will find to be a perfect match for just about any skin tone out there who wishes to try it out.

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According to an article that was featured on Yahoo Finance, the QI group of companies has recently become a signatory of the United Nations Global Compact Network. This initiative aims at corporate sustainability, and is one of the largest of its kind in the world. By becoming a signatory of UNGC, QI group has pledged to only involve itself in responsible and sustainable business practices.

The company made this pledge during the International CSR summit that was held in Singapore in 2015. Businesses which sign up to this initiative agree to conduct their business practices in accordance to the ten universally accepted principals that govern the areas of labor, anti-corruption, environment and human rights.

QI group joined UNGC to show its commitment in adopting good business practices that foster development, sustainability and social success. It received a certificate, which was awarded by Ms. Ursula Wynhoven, General Counsel, Chief, Governance and Social Sustainability and received by its Managing Director Joseph Bismark on its behalf.

According to Bismark, joining UNGC aligns with the company’s plans to make improvements in the areas of labor, anti-corruption, environment and human rights. One of the benefits of this alignment is a chance to adopt a policy framework that is globally recognized to help with the creation, actualization and disclosure of social, environmental and governance practices. These practices will in return promote transparency and accountability in corporate governance.

The engagement will also serve to link up the company with stakeholders from all over the world, especially those that share the same goals and visions. This will facilitate the exchange and sharing of ideas, emerging practices and solutions. These stakeholders may include governments, labor, UN agencies and civil society among others. According to Bismark, the company is going to utilize UN’s knowledge and expertise in development and sustainability.

Bismark is one of QI group’s founding Directors. He assumed his new position as Managing Director in 2008. His leadership can be described as dynamic and versatile. He is always open to suggestions, as he believes that anyone is quite capable of doing extraordinary things. He has 15 years of experience in e-commerce and direct selling.

Bismark has managed to merge spirituality and business with astounding success. He encourages brotherhood in the work place, and treats employees with respect. Bismark has also found interest and success in other activities such as yoga and philosophy.

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