A Few Examples of Success Stories from People who Have Used Nine9

#1, John L’s Testimonial

Since using Nine9, The UnAgency, John L. has gotten a supporting role on an online show that is set to debut in the future. In just a span of two months, John L. has also gotten an additional extra role and notification. He says he has achieved some success so far and will be looking for more roles via Nine9 after updating his photos with professional grade photos.

#2, Taylor J.

Taylor J. is a young child actress whose acting and modeling career have been given a second chance through Nine9. Her mother has praised the professionalism and respect given to her and her daughter by the staff at the Nine9 talent agency.

#3, Cali C.

Cali C. is an aspiring actress and model. She says she has learned a tremendous amount from the meet and greet instructors at the agency. Since she has had a photo shoot at Nine9 agency, she has finally gotten responses to her casting applications. Cali C. states that she is excited about what the future holds for her in acting.

Some Background On The Nine9 Talent Agency

The Nine9 talent agency was founded in 2003. Its goal was simple at the time. Nine9 wanted to give actors who are not represented by an agency or agent a shot at getting roles for movies, plays, advertisements and photo shoots for modeling. The agency connects the 99% of actors and models with casting opportunities, modeling opportunities, and other acting opportunities.

Aspiring actors and models get access to a real-time database of opening for castings and modeling shoots. People looking for models or actors can see a pool of candidates with detailed information with photographs. Nine9 The UnAgency also helps develop talent.