The consistency and continuous growth depicted by Oncotarget is attributed to by the multiple peer reviews, constructive views, and insights possessed by Oncotarget. It has been a vital tool in the helping of authors to increase the quality and impact of their research. The journal publishes papers on topics ranging from endocrinology, metabolism, cell biology, pharmacology, neuroscience and many other more areas.The term Oncotarget entails different cellular functions, pathways, and molecules which are common in aging, cancer cells, microbes, lymphocytes, and atherosclerosis. Therefore, Oncotarget is a journal with free access and deals with traditional multidisciplinary journals. The journal publishes its papers weekly and makes them available online. However, the papers can be printed on special demand and made available to readers.

The mission of Oncotarget is to ensure that the scientific results are widely available. Moreover, it ensures that the scientific results are rapidly generated. It also ensures that the impact of research through the insightful reviews is maximally achieved. Another objective of Oncotarget is to allow that outstanding discoveries are widely shared to the rest of the world. It also links different biomedical science field and eliminates the border that is evidenced in some specialties. The overall mission of the journal is to ensure application of clinical and basic science in fighting diseases.With the support and contributions from reputable scientists, Oncotarget is able to contribute to the progress of science.

This is based on the overall goal of science stating that life without disease is the ultimate goal. The journal is also ran under the ambition of creating a life without diseases. As such, it focuses on the pathological basis of all types of cancers. In addition to this, it explores the treatment protocols, potential target areas for therapy, and management of cancer patients. Therefore, it is a promising avenue for answering questions regarding cancer which is one of the leading diseases causing many deaths and social problems.Oncotarget explores various evidences concerning the existing therapies. As such, it aims at achieving the overall improved outcome in treating diseases. In 2015-2016, it was ranked as number one in the ranked number of journals in oncology. In case a paper is rejected by other journals, it is possible to submit it to Oncotarget.