There are a ton of challenges that some of the established fashion retailers are faced with. Among the challenges that stores like Abercrombie are faced with is having to compete with fast fashion. Fast fashion is the subset of fashion that has been making a lot of impact on the fashion industry. One of the reasons that fast fashion has been thriving and kicking other forms of fashion to the side is that there are always new styles being offered. Stores like H&M are always offering something new for the customers. The interesting thing is that even the men’s area of fashion is getting a lot of sales in fast fashion.


Abercrombie is rethinking its approach to fashion. One of the approaches it has considered is fast fashion. Therefore, one can expect that there might be some new styles coming out at a rapid pace. However, there are downsides to fast fashion that a lot of companies are taking part in. One thing about fast fashion is that a lot of the products are priced at low and affordable rates. The only thing is that there is a trade off. Often times, the products being offered are not as durable. Then there is the question of ethics.


Abercrombie can find a compromise that is going to help save money and keep up the quality of the products if they want to take a dive into the fast fashion method. However, it is important for fashion retailers these days to use a lot of creativity.