On April 28th, Amazon announced the latest addition to their ‘Echo’ family of smart devices, and it might just help improve your style game.




The Amazon Echo Look is an evolution of the company’s popular Echo and Echo Dot device that were able to respond to voice commands. The Echo Look places a heavy focus on fashion and now features a built in camera, opening up a range of possibilities on what it can do in the home. Amazon is touting the device as being able to take full-length photos and videos, giving users the ability to see their outfits from every angle.




Beyond just taking selfies for Instagram, the Echo Look will also be able to give advice on the user’s current outfit choices. By taking two selfies of two different outfits, Amazon will use machine learning to recommend one over the other. Owners of the device will also be able to save selfies of their outfits in a personal ‘style book’. Looking back through previous outfits will give users a source of inspiration and ideas for future combinations.




This marks a big leap for Amazon into the fashion industry. Previously not focusing on clothing, the company is taking strides with this new device to enter a market popular with trendsetters and millennials, two important demographics for any tech company to attract.




The device is not yet on sale but will retail for a penny under $200. It will first be available in an invite-only program prior to a mass release thereafter.