The Ubuntu Education Fund is aimed at rehabilitating the lives of underprivileged children from the under-developed regions and countries across the globe. Jacob Lief, who is the CEO as well as the founder of the fund, started Ubuntu Education Fund to help deprived children get a formal and primary education to empower them to change their and their country’s future in the time to come. Jacob believes that education is one of the most important and powerful tools that can help build better, smarter, and safer communities. He adds that finding ways to reach out to these children and providing them means for education is the first step towards a better tomorrow.


Ubuntu Education Fund is one of the most widely known education funds for children, and its founder, Jacob Lief has participated in and spoken on behalf of the fund at many different high profile events, including the World Economic Forum’s convention held in Davos. However, very recently, Jacob Lief has changed the fundraising strategy for the Ubuntu Education Fund by denying the donors who offer conditional grants with restrictions for specific purposes. It is because he felt that even though the fund was growing at a fast pace, it got misdirected on the way. Even after being potent and considerable in size, the fund was not able to make an impact or change lives.


Now, Ubuntu Education Fund only receives donations that come without any strings attached. Even though the overall budget has decreased considerably due to this condition, Jacob is happy as he can see the impact the fund can make in better communities and empower children with better education, health, and support.


One other character that has played a vital role in the success of Ubuntu Fund is Andrew Rolfe. Andrew Rolfe is the Chairman of Ubuntu Fund and has helped crafted a strategy to reach out to more children and communities across the globe, even with limited funds. Andrew Rolfe ensures that he dedicates part of his time to manage and support Ubuntu Education Fund. Andrew Rolfe has helped tremendously in gaining a high amount of donations for the fund’s outreach program to provide better education to the children in African countries.