Anthony Toma is a successful entrepreneur. He is passionate about creating opportunities for people who want to invest in themselves. In addition, he is revolutionizing the entertainment industry through his company, Nine9 The UnAgency. Over the years, Anthony has invested in different industries, including retail and service. He has also worked closely with leading players in the entertainment industry. The executive brings ideas to life by writing them down. He brainstorms and evaluates the viability of the idea in the market before presenting the same to his team. The team seeks to poke holes on the idea until all the questions are satisfactorily answered. The idea is then implemented. Anthony posits that for one to be successful, he or she should be willing to take risks. He uses social media platforms such as Facebook for marketing and advertising purposes. This information was originally reported on Ideamensch as outlined in this link

About Nine9 The UnAgency

For 12 years, Nine9 has been working to ensure that models and actors have successful careers. They provide these talented individuals with 99 percent of the necessary tools, resources, and opportunities to begin and advance their careers. Most actors and models find it hard to penetrate the entertainment industry. Nine9 accepts all individuals having the right attitude and desire to succeed. The UnAgency has highly trained team of professionals who are experienced in bookings, providing advice about the industry and enhancing client relationships. They work relentlessly to ensure that their clients access casting opportunities, including video, runway, promotional castings and gigs, and commercial and what Nine9 knows.

Nine9 uses the most advanced technology in their searchable database of career opportunities to ensure that the models and actors secure opportunities that suit them. At Nine9, clients enjoy numerous benefits such as real-time access and submissions to auditions and castings nationwide. In addition, the UnAgency provides these individuals with a commission free environment, 24/7 alerts regarding job opportunities and a chance to meet with industry leaders during the monthly industry workshops. Upon joining, actors and models undergo a detailed talent evaluation process, which ensures that they are assigned the right professionals to help them through their careers. Nine9 operates in Miami, Atlanta, Houston, San Francisco, Detroit, Chicago, Dallas and Washington D.C. and more information click here.