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Sudhir Choudhrie – Paying Kindness Forward

Sudhir Choudhrie is an entrepreneur and philanthropist based in London, UK. Originally from New Delhi, India, Sudhir grew up in an entrepreneurial household. Starting right from his grandfather’s real estate business, he launched his own franchise reselling UK television in India. His background in economics complemented his entrepreneurial journey as he found Magnum International Trading […]

What are the features of IM Academy?

Many people are eager to start making money out of forex trading. IM Academy has all the necessary skills to start trading in forex. If you are after a way to start making extra money out of forex trading, then getting the required skills is necessary. All the essential skills successful forex traders employ is […]

Baseball Owner and Executive Larry Baer

Larry Baer, the Giants CEO is one of the most recognized owners and executives in Major League Baseball. He has been a member of the San Francisco Giants for over two decades. During his two-decade long career with the Giants, Larry has been involved in helping the organization reach a number of significant milestones. As […]

What Can You Buy From QNET?

What are some of the products you can buy from QNET? QNET offers a wide range of products. When you decide to order products from a direct selling company, you will be assured of great success. The company has put in place the right measures to ensure they avail top-quality products that meet buyers’ needs […]

About Simon Denyer

Simon Denyer, the reporter for The Washington Post, was awarded the Pulitzer Prize for International Reporting. Denyer’s groundbreaking series of articles on global warming took him to China and India, and other countries in Africa and South America. Simon Denyer is recognized for his deep reporting on climate change and its effects around the world. […]