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Need a therapist now? Use Talkspace

Talkspace is a great and helpful app that allows one to get in touch with a therapist. Many times people who are feeling depressed, like teens, are afraid to schedule an appointment with…

How Millennials Shop

If you are in retail, marketing online or offline, then you are likely analyzing how millennials shop at some point. Of course, there is no shortage of information concerning the topic. The key…

Mr. Sahm Adrangi Founder of Kerrisdale Capital Management LLC

Sahm Adrangi serves as the Chief Investment Officer of Kerrisdale Capital Management LLC. Mr. Sahm Adrangi Founded Kerrisdale Capital Management in 2009, and he remains involved in every aspect of the firm’s development….

Sleep Machines Can Help You Fall Asleep

Everyone has dealt with loud neighbors at some point. It is extremely annoying when all you want to do is get a good night’s sleep, but the people next door are having a…

Men Admit Fashion Ignorance

In a recent article published by the Huffington Post, the widespread lack of knowledge regarding standard fashion and grooming rules among the male gender was apparent. AskMen conducted a survey of more than…

Old Style Clothing That Is Once Again Popular

Some things may seem to have gone out of style a long time ago, but there are some old clothing styles that are becoming popular again. Here are some of them, according to… invests $19M in an online brand, Pomelo

One of the major competitors to Alibaba,, orchestrated a $19M funding to Pomelo, an online fashion brand headquartered in Bangkok. This news follows a series of interest in startups in the South…

Under Armour Equals Underperformance These Days; Not So Hot Anymore

It might not be considered high fashion, but performance apparel for athletic people is a huge business. It wasn’t too long ago that Under Armour was the little darling of the sportswear industry….

Greg Secker, forex trading guru

Greg Secker is a successful businessman and philanthropist. He has been listed as a mover and shaker in the field of forex trading. He was born on February 18, 1976, in Norfolk England….

Ricardo Tosto Remains one of the Best Entrepreneurial Lawyers of Brazil

Brazil is known to many as a civil law country, and the nation’s legal system has its origin from the Roman law which was implemented by the Portuguese during the colonization period. The…

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