Founded in January of 2007, Avaaz is a civic organization that has sought to address issues, such as human & animal rights, the environment, and poverty throughout the globe. The name Avaaz comes from the Persian word which roughly translates to voice. What Avaaz does is help give a voice to people around the world. Avaaz intends to make the world a better place by uniting people together in order to tackle injustices and help improve living conditions for people struggling to survive. The organization encourages idealists of all backgrounds to work together to help create the world they believe will best serve humanity and more information click here.

The Avaaz website has helped form an online community of more than 40 million members. The organization’s site allows individuals to start petitions for causes they deeply care about and in doing so allows people to impact their community and even the world at large. Holding itself to the highest ethical standards Avaaz always does it’s very best to report events with accuracy. The majority of the time Avaaz is able to break news accurately, however if mistakes are ever made corrections are made as soon as possible, making Avaaz a reputable source as well as organization. Avaaz even provides members with a statement regarding their commitment to accuracy on the site’s front page and learn more about Avaaz.

In order to have a global impact Avaaz allows for information and communication in up to 17 different languages. This only goes to show the site’s commitment to uniting people from around the world. Unlike many organizations with political agendas, Avaaz does not accept large contributions from organizations or people but rather flourishes from donations given by the public. It is certain that in the years to come Avaaz will contribute to the world by helping improve living conditions and allowing the voices of millions to be heard and resume their.

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