The Brazilian governments plan is to have eighteen infrastructure auctions by the end of two thousand and seventeen according to Felipe Montoro Jens. There was a possibility in changing the schedule, but according to the secretary they’re moving right on with their original plan of eighteen auctions by the end of the year even after considering all the politics the Brazilian government is going through currently. TarcĂ­sio Gomes de Freitas, project coordination secretary of PPI, says they’ll have to modernize and expand their infrastructure sector which will allow them to increase their productivity.

All eighteen auctions will begin in September of two thousand and seventeen and must be done before the year is out. Talk about a busy end of the year. The Investments Partnership Program is open to provocations from a private sector because there were large contractors who got condemned by Lava Jato when he announced all big projects were being cut off. The Investments Partnership Program wants encourage anyone to join in the concessions and to avoid scaring away investors they’ve created a hub with ministries that helps pick the most desirable project for the private sector.

Also, they need to work on building their expectations, systems and management for their projects. This would give them the advantage of the Investments Partnership Program. Correcting any of their mistakes with Public Private Partnerships is a must to prevent any project risks. When Michel Temer was president of the Republic, in his first year of administration, PPI had forty four auctions. This led to about twenty three billion dollars of investments. Talk about success.