Michel Terpins, a Brazilian rally driver, is known all over the world for his outstanding skills in the field of motorsport. Michel started his career in motorcycle category in 2002 and later joined the car racing career. He is a co-founder of the Bull Sertoes team which he established with his brother Rodrigo Terpins. What’s more, the Terpins’ family are sports fanatics who are widely recognized in various sports. This is because Michel’s brother shares the same talent of motorsport while their father Jack Terpins was one of the best basketballers during his youth and played for Hebraica team.

Michel’s Journey in the Rally Racing Career

Michel Terpins passion for speed has seen him participate in various off-road competitions and has graced podiums after his victorious wins. As a Bull Sertoes member, Michel Terpins races with his teammate and navigator Maykel Justo. The duo participates on-board the T-Rex #322 which was developed by the MEM Motorsport Team. Further, the 24th edition of the Sertoes rally saw Michel and Justo seized the fifth position in the overall rankings.

Another important race that was a highlight in Michel Terpins’ career was the 25th edition of the Sertoes rally. The two were declared the fourth place among the top five fastest rally drivers in the competition. Moreover, the race was marked in stages where Michel and his partner led in most of the race. However, during the third stage which was a stretch of 306km, the duo was unable to finish the race due to unavoidable circumstances when the car broke down. Nevertheless, the pair still managed to scoop the fourth position and 10th in the overall rankings.

Furthermore, Michel and his brother Rodrigo have paired to race together as a team. The brothers have performed outstandingly well in their rankings and have won many races. Equally important, the brothers were the first to pilot the T-Rex car by MEM team which was designed for the rough rally racing terrain. Additionally, Michel Terpins is a beneficiary of the Carbon Free Seal of the Green Initiative. It is an initiative that helps to compensate for the CO2 emissions by the cars by planting trees in the Atlantic forest.