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USHEALTH Group CEO Troy McQuagge Announced As Gold Winner At 2016 One Planet Business and Professional Excellence Awards

The 2016 One Planet Business and Professional Excellence Awards, the international awards program that recognizes excellence within every professional industry, has announced USHEALTH Group CEO Troy McQuagge as the Gold Winner.

McQuagge has been with USHEALTH Group since 2010 and has brought remarkable success to the company which provides unique healthcare plans for small business owners and people who are self-employed. The insurance company, which operates in Ft. Worth, Texas, focuses on solutions for affordable health coverage for these individuals and has a reputation for developing innovative strategies and healthcare products in addition to providing excellent customer service.

Troy McQuagge earned his position at USHEALTH Group by building his expertise in the health insurance industry since 1983. With a B.A. in Legal Studies from the University of Central Florida, he started out at the Allstate Insurance Company and later joined UICI in 1995 where he expanded the company tremendously.

When McQuagge joined USHEALTH Group in 2010, he had the difficult responsibility of completely retooling the company. His quick success earned him the title of Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing Advisor in 2013, and then CEO and President in 2014.

Since joining USHEALTH Advisors, McQuagge has managed to create company initiatives that have led to a sales growth of 500% in the six years he has been with the company. Under his guidance, the company has broken numerous sales records.

In an industry as competitive as health insurance, McQuagge’s work at USHEALTH Group stands out against the work of his peers. Today the company earns $1 billion annually, making the company ten times as profitable as it was when he joined in 2010.

Upon winning, McQuagge expressed, “In reality, this award belongs to everyone at USHEALTH Group, Inc. It is a testament to our company’s ongoing commitment to solve the healthcare affordability problem for customers by providing them with innovative coverage that can grow as their healthcare needs grow.”

Needless to say, McQuagge considers the award to be a great honor and he is proud of his work. The awards program is based on peer recognition and includes businesses and non-profit organizations worldwide. Any person or organization is eligible for a nomination.


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Jeffry Schneider And Ascendant Capital: Masters Of Alternative Investments

Jeffry Schneider is founder and CEO of Ascendant Capital LLC, an Austin, Texas based financial services company. The company provides a wide range of services for its clients. They include education, sales, marketing and operational services. Ascendant Capital has a unique approach to financial structuring that it uses to raise funds for alternative asset fund sponsors whether they are established companies or new companies that are just beginning to emerge. Jeffry Schneider and Ascendant Capital has worked with a growing network of private banks, broker-dealers, family offices and registered investment advisors to distribute both public and private offerings worldwide.

Ascendant Capital has been growing very rapidly under the leadership of Jeffry Schneider over the last five years. In that time its grown from having just two employees to now having a staff of more than 30 people. Plus over that same period of time Schneider and the staff at Ascendant Capital have been able to raise almost $1 billion for the managers they represent. Currently Ascendant Capital deals with over 250 investment advisors, 50 broker dealers and an untold number of family offices. The money the Ascendant Capital team has raised was used to buy tech companies, auto dealerships, real estate and many other assets.

And the future looks very bright for Jeffry Schneider and Ascendant Capital. The company anticipates this incredible growth will continue into the foreseeable future. The expectation is that the company will raise about $50 a month in this coming year. Schneider says that with the position of the markets today, alternative investments offer an excellent way for people and organizations to diversify their holdings and help to reduce volatility. He looks at the great growth they have experienced over the past few years and expect this growth to accelerate over the next few years.

Schneider sees the smart money being allocated to alternative investment at much greater levels than through most RIAs. He feels client portfolios are under allocated when it comes to alternative investment. The company culture Jeffry Schneider has developed at Ascendant Capital plays a major role in the company’s success. It encourages a sense of trust and open dialogue among team members and internal and external transparency. However, because of Ascendant Capital’s alignment of interests, its top priority is the fiduciary responsibility to its investors.

A graduate of the University of Massachusetts, Amherst, Jeffry Schneider spent the early years of his financial services career working with Axiom Capital Management, Merrill Lynch, Paradigm Global Advisors, Smith Barney and Alex Brown. His personal interests include eating healthy, staying fit and exploring the world. He’s also committed to supporting charitable organizations including Cherokee Home for Children, God Loves We Deliver, Wonder and Worries and the Gazelle Foundation.

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InnovaCare Health Led by Dr. Rick Shinto

InnovaCare Health redefines healthcare management; they provide top-quality Medicaid and Medicare Advantage plans while growing innovative provider network models. InnovaCare is dedicated to providing valuable health care by creating cost-effective models that are incorporated with today’s state-of-the-art technologies.

InnovaCare values their patients, they always come first. They work tirelessly to give quality medical care. InnovaCare is set out to have strong patient-provider relationships. This leads to thriving outcomes and heightened qualities of life. InnovaCare believes in innovation with medical practices and networks that are driven by the top physicians. And to grow and learn as an organization, meaning the proper leadership is vital. Those who have the experience achieve results.

InnovaCare Health’s leadership is truly committed to what they do. Chief Executive Officer and President, Richard Shinto, M.D., MBA, has more than twenty years experience in clinical and operational health care in managed care. Before Dr. Shinto came to InnovaCare, he was President and CEO of Aveta Inc. from 2008 to 2012. Prior to Aveta, Dr. Shinto had the role of Chief Medical Officer of NAMM California. Before NAMM, Dr. Shinto was the Chief Operating Officer and Chief Medical Officer for Medical Pathways Management Company. Afterward, he served as the Corporate Vice President of Medical Management for MedPartners between 1996-1997.

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He left to act as the Chief Medical Officer for Cal Optima Health Plan in Orange County, California. Dr. Shinto got his start as an internist and pulmonologist in Southern California. Today, Dr. Shinto serves as CEO of InnovaCare’s Health Plans in Puerto Rico. Dr. Shinto earned his bachelor’s of science from the University of California at Irvine; he earned his medical degrees from the State University of New York at Stony Brook and an M.B.A from the University of Redlands.

Penelope Kokkinides is the current Chief Administrative Officer of InnovaCare, Inc. Kokkinides returned to the company in June of 2015. Prior to that, she was the Chief Operating Officer of InnovaCare and Chief Operating Officer of Aveta Inc., as well as the Vice President of Clinical Operations. Kokkinides, like Dr. Shinto, has twenty plus years of health care experience; specializing in government programs, such as Medicare and Medicaid. Before she rejoined InnovaCare, she was the Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer for Centerlight HealthCare. She was responsible for overall management and moving the company, strategically.

Kokkinides possesses a bachelor’s degree in biological sciences and classical languages from Binghamton University. She holds a master’s degree in social work from New York University and a post-master’s program advanced degree in alcohol and substance abuse; a master’s degree in public health from Columbia University School of Public Health.

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Tips for Great Smartphone Pictures

Before the world saw the use of smartphones to take memorable moments, cameras carried the day. However, the use of smartphones has seen more efficiency and convenience in their usage according to Adrian Jose Velasquez Figueroa. During those times, a fancy camera was the best thing you could have to take images. But thanks to this latest technology. It was a labor-intensive activity to take images using your camera. Moreover, you require a computer and an editing tool to make the images personalized. Most of the marketing tools in the market make use of the tricks below. However, don’t be mistaken that a good photo has al to do with the shooting. There is a lot you must learn to make better images like Adrian Jose Velasquez Figueroa. For this reason, take your time to go through this list below.

1. Find different perspectives
A unique angle is best to make a unique photo. For this reason, the image will be more memorable. There is an illusion of height and depth for angular images. Images will come out better than ever. For most phones, they use the bird’s eye view or the sight-on perspective to take images according to Figueroa. You can try other postures to take better pictures.

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2. Make good use of reflections
There is a hidden secret in the sky that one must unlock to discover. There are many things we love seeing including the blue sky, the endless ocean water, and the blue wind. For this part, you can draw a reflection to determine the fate of an image. Therefore, look and find the opportunities to use this trick. There are also other places you can find reflections including mirrors, drinking glasses, water bodies, and metallic surfaces.

3. Make use of the grid lines
Most of the latest smartphone cameras have this feature pre-installed in their applications. Most images require these lines to develop a background. They can be circular or straight. Other forms of the grid lines include train tracks, building facades, staircases, roads and wood paths. For you to create a sense of depth in a photo, you must use the grid lines. Make a good design in your image. Even if you have little skill in this idea, you can practice making yourself perfect.

4. Look for symmetry
A sense of beautiful of harmonious balance and proportion is called equality says Adrian. Most of the incredible pictures have these grid lines. This is the simplest way to compose a theme in an image. Create a picture that can be divided into two identical parts.

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Humanitarian George Soros Is Not Intimidated By Media People Like Glenn Beck

When George Soros became a billionaire, the rest of the world was waking up in the 1990s wondering what was going to happen next in a relatively new global economy. Soros is a Hungarian-born financial genius, as some investors like to call him, that understood global economics before the rest of the world population. When he short-sold billions of dollars’ worth of the pound sterling in 1992, most of the world, including the Bank of England, thought he was crazy. But when the UK withdrew from the European Rate Exchange Mechanism, the pound was devalued, and Soros became an instant billionaire. The investors that believed in Soros made more than $7 billion on that transaction. From that day forward, George Soros has been called, “the man that broke the Bank of England.”

That title may be the reason Glenn Beck, the radio, and television talk show host is so hell-bent on discrediting Soros. Beck has made Soros a target for his rants against the system. Beck believes Soros has funded the Rose Revolution in Georgia, and a revolt in the Czech Republic. Beck also claims Soros had a hand in the Orange Revolution in the Ukraine. The truth is, George Soros does fund organizations in those countries through his Open Society Foundation, but that money is used to protect human rights. Beck considers Soros a threat to America because of what the Soros money flow does in nations that are living under communism or dictatorships.

Beck has also accused Soros of being an enemy of Israel and anti-Semitic. Soros comes from a Jewish family, and he has been very open about his childhood in Hungary. The Schwartz family did change its name to Soros to protect themselves against the Nazi occupation in the early 1940s. But George Soros Nazi has never tried to hide where he was born, his name, and his family’s religion. Beck has never openly accused Soros of being a Jew-hater, but he has insinuated as much on several broadcasts.

Anyone that has followed the career and life of George Soros knows that Beck is way out of line. Beck likes to immerse himself in controversies. Controversies are good for the ratings. And anytime the name Soros is mentioned, the ratings go up. George Soros makes headline news around the world. He makes the headlines because he is a Democratic leader, and a humanitarian that has given more that $12 billion to spread Democracy in nations that live without human rights. Soros also makes the headlines because he understands global economics, and George Soros talks about the issues that have an impact on the financial health of the European Union and the United States as well as other countries.

Glenn Beck may have a loyal listener base, but those listeners only get what Beck wants them to get. It’s the world, according to Glenn Beck, and that world is a distorted view of people like George Soros. Soros is not intimidated by Glenn Beck. What Beck says doesn’t mean anything to Soros because he knows who he is and what he has accomplished.

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CCMP Capital Loses Its Leader

CCMP Capital has lost a great man. Stephen Murray who was with the company for 25 years passed away at his home in Stamford, CT at the age of 52. Stephen is survived by his loving family. He had a wife named Tami, and 4 sons. Their names are Ryan, Sean, James and Nolan. They lovingly raised their children together in Stamford. The family felt deeply at home in the North, and they frequently traveled between New York City and Stamford. Stephen is also survived by 3 brothers and his parents, Joe and Nancy of Brooklyn, New York.

Stephen was the CEO of CCMP Capital, but there are many who will better remember him as a philanthropist. Stephen regularly participated in charity. He was actively involved with The Food Bank of Lower Fairfield County. That organization was on his mind until the very end. He requested that at his funeral guests donate money to charity instead of bringing flowers. Stephen cared about the Make-A-Wish Foundation too. He donated money and time by serving as the vice chairman of its board of directors. He put all of his business expertise to use in the name of helping those who were less fortunate.

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Stephen’s family remember him as a dearly beloved father and husband. Those who knew the Murrays could tell how close they were to each other. Stephen and Tami were college sweethearts. They met at Boston College when Stephen was earning his degree in economics. They married at that time. Stephen wanted to be successful so he could take care of Tami and his children. Stephen Murray took a position as a credit analyst trainee at Manufacturers Hannover. After getting his master’s degree, he would remain with this company for the remainder of his career. There were many transitions at the company, but they found Stephen to be indispensable to the operation. He rose within the ranks. Eventually, he became the top man. The company was named JP Morgan Partners in 2005. It wanted to spin the company off into a private equity group. Stephen was the best choice for leading the operation. He became the CEO of the newly named CCMP Capital.

Stephen was respected by his colleagues. Many at the company were devastated by his loss. The current CEO recounted what an impact Stephen had upon him and said that Stephen was a great mentor and role model. Stephen Murray made a mark on his community and was a great family man.

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Don Ressler creates Mega Businesses TechStyle and Fabletics

Don Ressler is a highly successful entrepreneur known to be behind a series of highly successful startups. His first company was Fitness Heaven, a company that was later purchased by the Intermix Media in the year 2001. After selling, he teamed up with Adam Goldenberg to create the Alena Media. The company grew to become a profit center for Intermix Media. Intermix Media was later purchased by News Corp 2005. However, News Corp neglected its child company Alena Media. They then decided to find new opportunities in the online e-commerce scene.

Knowing that he had the skill to succeed and to create a bigger thing, Mr. Don Ressler partnered with Goldenberg to start a brand building experience. They enlisted the help of former Alena members to come up with a big idea known as Intelligent Beauty. Intelligent Beauty created its products and sold them online. The first product by the company was known as Dermstore which was sold in the online cosmetics and skincare market. A few years later, Don Ressler launched a weight loss program known as SENSA. To make Intelligent Beauty a success on, they relied on huge funding and support from Intermix Media. They even enlisted the services of the then CEO of Intermix, Brett Brewer, to be the CEO of Intelligent Beauty.

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The success of most of these companies is highly attributed to Don Ressler; he is known for his ability to spot market opportunity and convert them to become leading brands. Intelligent Beauty is one of the simplest companies to become among the top shopping platform for women. Don Ressler continues to remain a highly successful entrepreneur that inspires other entrepreneurs in the e-commerce business. Under the leadership of Mr. Ressler, JustFab has estimated a profit gain of over $500 million in a year. The Fabletics Company is merely three years old but has amassed maximum profits simply.

Through the leadership of Don Ressler, TechStyle received close to $33 million in funding from US venture firm in 2011. The company was able to receive an additional funding of close to $76 million from other partners. TechStyle has expanded its offices to other parts of the world such as Germany, the UK, and Canada. The company has amassed huge profits in sales since it was first created. In September 2013, Don Ressler announced that the company had closed $40 million in profits just in the third round of its funding.


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Stephen Murray Leaves a Legacy in the Private Equity

The late Stephen Murray was born on 2nd August 1962 in Brooklyn, New York. Mr. Murray attended the Boston College from where he graduated in 1984 with a degree in economics. Murray began his carrier at the Manufacturers Hannover in the credit analyst training program.

Mr. Murray was one of the leaders in the private equity with a vast knowledge of its growth and buyout deals. He offered advice and guilds to several entrepreneurs and other clients on how they can accomplish their objectives and hit their goals. Mr. Stephen was well recognized for his integrity, honesty and respect for all. He strived to offer outstanding service qualities and ensured that his customers were fully satisfied with his services. He expertly minimized costs, improved operations and kept the management tight to their activities in the portfolio company.

On joining the JP Morgan’s merchant bank in 1989, Mr. Murray has delegated a duty to structure the private-equity business. Under his leadership, the company made a lot of profits hence the success of the organization and its predecessors. He made the company a principle investments partaker and the company were able to buy corporation like Aramark. According to Greg Brenneman, the sitting chair of the CCMP Capital the news of Mr. Murray’s death was a shock to the whole company counting on his outstanding leadership qualities.

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He previously worked as the CEO of the CCMP Capital. Mr. Stephen Murray had served CCMP Capital Camp since 1999 then known as the Chase Capital Partners. The company later changed its name to Morgan Partners after it was bought by JP Morgan. The company acquired a lot of success and became one of the top private equity firms at the local and at the international levels. Mr. Murray is said to have developed some health related issues hence leaving the office a month earlier, however, there on reports on the main cause of his death.

The JP Morgan Partners span off in 2006 and Mr. Murray succeeded the group’s founder Jeff Walker as. Mr. Murray worked on various boards in the company like the Octagon Credit Investors, Strongwood Insurance Holdings, LHP Hospital, Infogroup Inc. and the Crestcom International.

As a philanthropist, Mr. Murray greatly supported several community matters. Mr. Murray died on 12th March 2015 at the age of 52 leaving behind one wife Mrs. Tami Murray and four children. Murray will always be remembered for his massive contribution to the CCMP Capital, as a terrific investor and his kind works as a philanthropist.


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The Brilliant and Noble Works of Christanna Bevin

Christanna Bevin is a highly qualified consultant and project manager from Brisbane, Australia who has approximately 13 years of experience in the field under her belt.

Christanna took over several job posts in the early period of her career. A few of her roles included: Site Administrator for Stork B. V. in 2003; Contracts Administrator, Cost Engineer, and Project Controls Manager for UGL Limited in between 2004 and 2005; and Senior Project Controls Manager for Kellog Brown & Root and Parsons Brincherhoff consecutively until 2006. It was after the termination of Christanna’s contract from the latter, however, that she had the capability of penetrating the international scene.
Following the event, Consulting and Contract Support employed her as a Project Controls and Commercial Specialist. The new job called for her ability to monitor the customer service personnel of the company, generate distinct methods for budget management and detailed reporting to clients, introduce the latest operational procedures to Allegiance Metals, and oversee the costs of their various projects.

From 2007 to 2009, Christanna Bevin held a similar post in Chelopech Mining EAD. In this specific company, she personally improved the expertise of its employees concerning the management of contracts, costs, and any transformation that might take place along the way. Although she moved on to different corporations, namely Oakajee Port and Rail, Universal Energy Services, and Phu Bia Mining, in the subsequent years, Christanna performed tasks that were parallel to what she did in the former.

In 2015, she became a consultant to a lot of other projects in Australia. To be specific, she organized the Contractor Management Workplace Health and Safety processes imposed by Water NSW. Bevin then helped coordinate the operations and contractor teams associated to the Kogan Creek Power Station Major Overhaul project of CS Energy. The estimation and desktop analysis of Queensland’s greenfield coal project which was worth more than 700 million dollars had been her job, as well as the evaluation of a forensic claim centered on a hospital reconstruction scheme.

Christanna Bevin’s Philanthropy

Despite the great amount of success that she had obtained as a globally acclaimed project manager, Christanna had never forgotten to share her blessings to the less fortune. Her ultimate focus was on the improvement of medical research in her motherland. In 2014, she donated funds to the RHH Research Foundation. Her pledge to offer financial assistance to the organization’s cause was pronounced once again when she attended the 2015 EDGE Abseil that the institution hosted in 2015. In order to emphasize how much she believed in the medical research team of Tasmania and encourage others to do the same, she even bravely rappelled from the top of the Wrest Point Tower.

Outside of Work

Not entirely a hidden truth to many, Christanna Bevin is a specialist when it comes to Buteyko, a special kind of physical therapy which requires the patients who suffer from respiratory illnesses to perform various breathing exercises on a regular basis with the intention of countering the condition’s symptoms.

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Exploring Kenneth Goodgame as He Travels Down the Dark Road of Merchandising

Kenneth Goodgame has proven to be a guru in sales, marketing and retail-merchandising. He is also a top-level operations management leader who specializes in building both million and billion dollar OEM excellence. Goodgame does this through the integration of innovative merchandising and marketing, smart business strategy as well as a streamlined financial oversight.

In November 2013, Kenneth Goodgame was part of the three new executives appointed to join True Value. He took over from Mike Clark, the retired senior VP and chief marketing officer. By assuming the role of senior vice president and chief merchandising officer, Kenneth has played a crucial role in steering True Value to successful heights since 2013.

Career Background

True Value

At True Value, he is acknowledged for introducing the 250 SKU EDLP program to all retailer stores. He not only delivered full margin percent but also lowered retails on price sensitive SKUs. Furthermore, Kenneth introduced yearly pay for play, which is a vendor backed advertising investment program. The program managed to raise over $81 million in 2014 and more than $13.8 million in 2015. Apart from his remarkable track record at True Value, he also holds an impressive resume from other companies.

Ace Hardware Corporation

At Ace Hardware Corporation, he established a revolutionary Craftsman program. The program boosted the growth of the hand tool category from $9 million to $180 million in sales. He also facilitated the creation of a global standard merchandising test facility. It included a layout facility, two complete in-house stores and vendor support areas.

Techtronic Industries North America

Here, Kenneth is recognized for increasing net sales by more than $1.6 million. He spearheaded the opening of about 30 stores countrywide in a duration of two years. Each stored had an average sales record of about $1 million. Additionally, Kenneth improved import product quality, attained 8% reduction in the cost of goods and cut marketing time. He did this by identifying and capitalizing on opportunities for partnership with Chinese production partners. Some of the other companies he has served include Newell Rubbermaid and The Home Depot among others.

Kenneth Goodgame

Kenneth Goodgame has continuously created an unrivaled reputation and success record when it comes to retail merchandising, sales and marketing. Throughout his career, Goodgame strives to deliver a balance of various factors. Some of these factors include employee engagement, corporate alignment, quality assurance systems, as well as key performance indicators. Kenneth’s success is owned to his talent and capability in promoting growth through, cost analysis, productivity enhancements, composed negotiations, leadership and quality improvements.

With more than 20 years of experience in retail merchandising, Kenneth has developed a veteran’s eye. This level of expertise coupled with a marketing degree from the University of Tennessee has propelled him to maneuver market shifts while avoiding costly mistakes.