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May 20 2009

Kick Off Summer with Thriftonista


I am now a featured seller at Denver’s awesome and esteemed Fabric Lab and we are holding my official grand opening party/ sale this Saturday from 2p-9p.
This is a great opportunity to pick up some great vintage clothes and accessories for girls, guys and kiddos.
This sale will feature great prices with super quality vintage starting at just $3, free wine and cupcakes AND a raffle. The winner will receive a great selection of personally selected vintage clothes and fresh baked treats love me!
Come on down for amazing vintage at affordable prices!

Email me at thriftonista@gmail.com if you have any questions.  Prices are negotiable and dealers are welcome!

Thriftonista Summer Sale at the Fabric Lab
Saturday, May 23rd from 2pm-9pm
3105 East Colfax Ave.
Denver, CO.


Feb 25 2009

Checking In

My loves… My loves… I am so sorry for the prolonged silence. Things have been pretty hectic– mostly as regards my having a 20 month old daughter who was quite under the weather for a fairly long stretch there. I have just been focusing on being a mama and working on that pesky language requirement for my Masters Degree. But never fear. I will be contacting the contest’s winners before the end of the weekend (I want to contact them personally and let them know FIRST) and I will be back to making regular updates very soon.
Thank you for your patience. Je t’aime!
xoxo 4-eva,
PS The pic is of me at my last Prototype show at the Fabric Lab. It is the lovely work of my favorite street style blogger, Renee Mudd of http://the-intersection.blogspot.com.

Feb 2 2009

Mission Accomplished

My show at the Fabric Lab was a total success and so so so so so much fun! I was able to debut a lot of my new designs, which was just so thrilling! Here are some pictures (click on the little collage to see it bigger). Please let me know if anything catches your eye.
For the record, all of my pieces were made with vintage fabric. My designs are the high necked dress and jumpsuit, the one strapped multicolored dress, the one sleeved green dress, the long sleeved shimmery green dress and the harem pants. I modified the yellow dress by dyeing it in turmeric and the maroon dress by shortening it to give it volume and the unitard was another one of my bleach projects. Feedback is loved and appreciated!
PS The hair was inspired by Maegean at lovemaegean.blogspot.com


Jan 24 2009

Ebay, you beast.

Having a shop on Ebay is a funny thing. I really feel that I am developing this passive aggressive love hate relationship with a beast that alternately showers me with money or takes it away from me, and I never know which to expect.

It keeps reeling me back in, too. Just as I’ll be about to declare that I am absolutely 100% finished messing with Ebay, I will sell a couple of pieces for more than expected and find myself posting again and watching those auctions count down.

Ah, the auctions… I was saying to my fiance, Dan, the other day that watching an auction end on Ebay is like watching “must see TV” where you get money in the end. It’s kind of like a game show where you never know if someone is going to bid or not. I remember when I first started selling things on Ebay and I thought that I could gauge whether or not an item would sell by how many people were “watching” it. “Oh,” I’d say, “that dress only has 1 watcher. It’s not going to sell.” And I’d be so disappointed, wondering why no one else could see how amazing that dress was. Then I’d start to question my picture quality and curse my crappy camera, then I’d question how I’d styled the piece, or the angles I’d chosen, and, just as I was railing against the fact that it had snowed on the day of the photo shoot and I’d had to take pictures inside where the light was just not good enough, three bidders would show up out of no where and battle each other to the finish. “Wow!” I’d think, “I love this!” Then I would turn around and have an experience like the one I had just last week where no less than 7 watchers were circling a vintage Oscar De La Renta purse, sending me questions and signing on to watch , then changing their minds and signing off, then coming back (or somesuch)– and I just KNEW that that amazing purse was finally going to sell, only to get that annoying message in my inbox: “‘Amazing Vintage Oscar De La Renta Purse’ did not sell.” Would I like to repost? NO! I would have liked for just one of those people to have bid!

Or would I? I guess not. Because the next day, one of the watchers emailed me and asked me to sell the purse to them for less than $10 and I just could not go there. I mean, I have to have some pride, right?

Oh, Ebay. Why do you make me feel so confused? I hate you!
Okay, that’s all for now. I have to go check on my active listings. That sweet little sheer plaid dress is ending in less than 12 hours. The countdown has begun. I love this part!

Jan 18 2009

Free Personalized Box of Vintage and Retro Cuteness from Thriftonista!

In an effort to express my appreciation for my growing readership and to attract even more regular readers ( and customers!), I am very excited to announce my first giveaway– a personalized box of goodies specifically tailored to the contest’s winners. What the box contains will depend upon who wins it, but I can guarantee you that it will contain multiple pieces and be super fun and fabulous! I have many hundreds of amazing pieces (most of which have not even been photographed yet) and I want to show you guys how awesome I think you are by giving some of my sweet little gems away to you, my beloved readers!
This contest will begin at 12:01 am on January 18th and continue through 12:01 am on February 18th.
The rules of the giveaway are very simple and you can enter the contest in two different ways and win for one of 2 different reasons.
1) Leave me a comment letting me know how you found my blog and why you would like to be considered for a fabulous personalized gift. I would love to hear about your love for vintage clothes and shoes, or your commitment to only wearing recycled goods, or whatever. I may even contact you in the future to see if you’d like to do an interview!
2) Simply create a link to this post in your blog, on MySpace, etc and then leave me a comment letting me know that you linked this post. If you just link this post, please take the time to say “hello!” anyway!

I will choose 1 random winner from amongst all entrants and 1 winner on the basis of their (fairly brief, please) explanation of why they would like to be chosen.
The winner will be announced by 12:01 am on Saturday February 21st.

I look forward to hearing from all of you and to putting together an amazing and exciting gift box for each winner! By the end of February I will be sending out some very sweet surprises.
I can’t wait to hear from you all!

Jan 18 2009

Free Cuteness!!!

The Lunch Date Blouse GIVEAWAY!!!!
Please check this out. This blouse is lovely and this idea is so cute that I am going to do something very similar very soon. I’ve been wanting to host a giveaway and now that I know about being able to share links in this manner, I am very inspired! Free super cuteness coming very soon!

Jan 17 2009

Work With What You’ve Got

I did a fashion show at the Fabric Lab last year and had this beautiful little black dress I knew that I wanted to put in the show, but for whatever reason I simply was not inspired by it. Each girl had three outfits to wear and her first outfit was fairly conservative, with the styling becoming a little more fun and out there as the show progressed.
This dress as a third outfit was pretty, but certainly not fun or out there. What to do?
Cut to my fiance sending me a gorgeous photo spread of women wearing all sorts of elaborate outfits, one of which involved an Elizabethan ruff. Cut to me eyeing my daughter’s lovely little tulle tutu while thinking about that pretty black dress. How’s about melding the two…?
Fun? Check! Out there? CHECK! Ready to rock? You know it, baby!
Styling does not always come easily. Sometimes it is agonizingly slow and headache inducing in the process. But if you stick with it, inspiration can and will come. Sometimes it’s in a photo spread, sometimes it’s part of a toy collection. But it is always already on it’s way. Work with what you’ve got and be prepared to wow yourself with what you can do.

Jan 16 2009

Hello Out There in the Distance…

Hello, everyone! I just want to stop by and say how exciting it is to be getting so many encouraging comments and emails from current and future friends. It feels good to know that there are actually people out there reading this little blog of mine and I have every intention of keeping you supplied with plenty of interesting things to read.
So, I have a fashion show coming up, on January 31, at the Fabric Lab here in Denver. In anticipation of that exciting event, I have prepared several exciting new designs (with the help of my absolutely fabulous seamstress, the lovely Miss Gabriela), bleached out some hotness all while assembling some absolutely stunning models to show off my fun new and vintage pieces.
Of course, I will post pictures from that show as soon as they are available, but the 31st is just so far down the road that you will most certainly be hearing from me before then so stop by again soon.
Lots of love and infinite kisses to you all!