Talk Fusion has been working around the clock introducing new and improved products with better and fast services to their clients. The recent introduction was an improved edition of Live Meetings. Talk Fusion has created a product that helps people hold video conferences by transmitting one-way videos. The product gives a convenient way of carrying meetings and presentations and can support a maximum of 500 participants and 15 hosts. These conferences can be relayed using the different gadgets like a Smartphone, a PC or a tablet.


Talk Fusion has continued to set the bar high for other companies in the technology industry through its constant invention and innovation of new and trending ideas in modern technology. The plan to launch Talk Fusion was brought out when Bob Reina discovered that there was a market niche when he could not send a simple ten minutes clip via email to his family. It was an innovation that became a solution in many ways. Talk Fusion mainly uses the (WebRTC) technology to realize its changes.


The trend that currently excites Bob Reina is the online video which he says has completely changed the way people connect around the globe. The idea of being able to communicate while in virtual communication across different continents is more than fascinating. Talk Fusion makes it possible for you to be anywhere at any giving time.


Bob Reina Chief Executive Officer of Talk Fusion came up with the life-transforming idea in 2014. Having been a problem solver, Bob saw the gap and moved in to fill it. He went in to start Talk Fusion with the help of his Friend Jonathan Chen. Together they developed the company’s first product which was a program that went by the name Video Email. The company was launched after three years.


Bob is consistently trying to find new market gaps and exciting marketing strategies. He is strong-willed and sets clear goals and deadlines, and it is through doing so that he has remained productive. Rob piece of advice to new entrepreneurs is that being vocal and open about sharing their ideas is equally important. Learn more: