A leader in the industry of financial investments has died recently. His death came not too long after he resigned as the head honcho at CCMP Capital. He was the CEO, but he needed to back off from work for health related issues, sources said. He passed on March 12, which Alexandra LaManna confirmed. However, no other details were mentioned.

Murray was the original founder of CCMP, a NY firm that actually started out as a branch of JPMorgan Chase. The company was officially founded in 2006 as a way to avoid conflicts of interest with current clients.

CCMP emphasizes investments in middle-market plays, using highly leveraged packages and looking for growth in their equity from the investments. In fact, the firm was able to raise funds over $3.5 billion last year alone. Learn more about Stephen Murray CCMP Capital: http://nypost.com/2015/03/13/ccmps-murray-dead-at-52/

CCMP typically makes investments sizing between $100 million and $500 million (in equity) on each transaction, according to their official company website. The target market for the firm is consumers, industrial clients, energy, and healthcare. They have made a number of noteworthy investments in Quizno’s, Chilcott, and Cabela’s.

Stephen Murray was born and raised in the greater New York City area, in a city called Westchester, which is quite suburban. This fact is confirmed in Institutional Investor magazine.

He went to undergrad at Boston College, where he earned a BA (Bachelor of Arts) and then to Columbia College, where you received his MBA (Master of Business Administration), which is in New York.

The tale of how Murray went from student to leading his own investment company is quite amusing. He was actually hired in the role of credit trainee back in 1984. Manufacturers Hanover was the company, out of New York, and they specialized in industrial sectors.

He worked hard to be promoted to the Vice President of their middle-market investments, which included lending.

Then, a spinoff of that department was the private equity arm in which he grew more and eventually turned it into CCMP. It was years later, in 2000, after three mergers, that the company was rolled into the JPMorgan portfolio.

JPMorgan Partners was always known for investing beside its private equity clients when they went after middle-market deals, and made Murray in charge of their buyout arm in 2005.

Stephen Murray would run it until his retirement. He is remembered by his friends, colleagues and family. He left behind a loving wife, Tami, and four sons in their Stamford, Connecticut home.