Target has been a fan favorite among millennials, parents, children, families, and more. That’s because Target literally has something for everyone from clothes to groceries and everything in between. It seems that humans aren’t the only ones who enjoy shopping at Target. A recent post on Twitter has caused quite a flutter among pet owners. Many are now coming forward to showcase just how much their pups love shopping!

According to Buzzfeed, Virgoprincxss posted on Twitter a picture of her four-month-old Corgi-Aussie mix having a blast at Target. The dog can be seen riding happily in the cart with his mouth wide open and what appears to be a smile. The dog named Zira has been gaining a lot of positive responses thanks to just how cute she is! This convinced other people to come forward and share their pups happy shopping experiences. One Twitter user posted a picture of her cat inside of a backpack at Target, claiming it was a work animal. After some positive and negative reaction, the original poster came back to Twitter to post some clarification. Many people reminded her that bringing a dog to Target is illegal and cannot be done unless it’s a service dog.

Have no fear, however. Those who loved the cuteness of Zira can still get their fix. The owner took her dog on a shopping trip to PetSmart instead, where dogs are allowed. Zira looked just as happy hanging out of a PetSmart cart as she did in a Target cart. Seeing dogs in shopping carts is one of the cutest things that Twitter has to offer right now. Having a mundane shopping trip can be made much better when you’re surrounded by dogs! Many pet-friendly shopping centers even offer treats for those who bring their pooches in.