ClassDojo is an educational technology company that provides an app for teachers to communicate with parents, report cards, behavior tracking, and more. According to ClassDojo’s website, “it is a simple way for teachers to connect with families at home around the use of classroom apps.” The app itself is free, but the app does integrate with other educational apps. It offers several paid “class sets” that you can buy for classroom use, and then once you have created a teacher account on it, you can invite parents to create accounts.

ClassDojo records and reports student behavior via the mobile device (and only the mobile device, not a computer), so parents only have the student’s phone to review. Teachers can send home “BeepBops,” which offer encouragement or reinforcement and send reports on behavior progress. It tracks both positive (green) and negative (red) behaviors. Parents must take responsibility for setting up any rewards or positives for their own children.

It is free for teachers, but parents have to create an account with ClassDojo to receive their children’s behavior reports. Additionally, some schools are using ClassDojo to supplement other education apps already using, so your school must notify you if they are implementing ClassDojo in your classroom.

It certainly offers many benefits to teachers and students. It helps teachers communicate more easily with parents without having to use email or making phone calls. Teachers can use this app to send out positive reinforcement quickly and efficiently, which can be especially important for students with learning disabilities. This app can also help parents feel more connected to their child’s school day. On the other hand, It is not a necessary app for teachers, and it doesn’t offer anything that isn’t already available online or within other education apps. This particular app might be more helpful for parent-teacher communication than for student learning and behavior tracking.

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