One psych ward employees describes a disturbed patient who was named Jane. One night, staff found Jane lying in a puddle of blood. Upon observation, staff found that the young woman was ripping her skin with her finger nails around her shin and pulling it up. Staff said she was skinning herself alive.


Another disturbing moment from this very same patient is that Jane would touch every corner of the wall in her room in a crucifix like pattern. Only after doing this for hours would she lie down on her bed and drift to sleep. One time, staff found Jane doing this in a very frantic pace as if she was possessed. When staff confronted her while she was standing in the doorway about her odd behavior, she said that they were not talking to Jane. Insane, or possessed, you can decided for yourself what happened to this truly disturbed patient.


According to one of my favorite scary websites, another employee at an Alzheimer’s ward described a truly frightening encounter with an elderly patient who was an 83 year old woman. As the employee was doing her rounds at night, she saw the old woman sitting up in bed and looking straight at a wall. When asked what was the problem, she said that the employee would be abducted and that she would miss the employee greatly. The mentally ill patient then started laughing manically and issued the warning again right before going to sleep. The employee was very spooked for the rest of the night, but was not abducted thankfully.