The Dolce & Gabbana boys aren’t too worried about the heat they’re getting for designing new footwear that brags about the skinny factor.


It’s unfortunate that women are constantly told they’re “not good enough,” and here we go again, ladies.


D & G has debuted a glam new white sneaker that is adorned with details like colorful crystals, hearts and sparkles and scribbles all over the shoe, including “So fab!” and “Love you more” and “Sorry, but I want more.”


Then there’s this gem: “I’m thin & gorgeous!” Plus, it’s written in all caps.


Yup, that’s the line that’s caused a fashion firestorm of sorts for its insensitivity to all body types and its attitude of exclusion instead of inclusion. People are fighting back over social media, blasting Dolce & Gabbana on their Instagram page for perpetuating fashion’s longtime history of snobby ideals and clothes mainly for slender figures.


Check out the white embellished Dolce & Gabbana sneaker for Fall 2017 here by the designers’ illustrator, Kawamura Jumpei.


Stefano Gabbana is enjoying the comments and those which accuse the Italian fashion design team of excluding certain body types.


He countered with his own zinger, asking the critic this:


“U think is better to be fat full of hamburger??? Stupid.”


In case you’re wondering, the D & G couture sneakers are selling for just under $1,000 a pair. That’s right; $973 to be exact, thank you very much.


The scribbled footwear was designed for the Millennial bunch in mind, but at the moment, we’re not sure what the majority of these young people think of the “I’m thin & gorgeous” slogan.


The designing pair got into hot water last January when First Lady Melania Trump wore a D & G dress to a New Year’s Eve celebration.