Almost all countries who belong to the free world have their own ministry or department of foreign affairs. This department that is a governmental body in most countries is one of the noblest departments in the world of politics, and global politics for that matter.


Foreign affairs are noble because it is the mastery of international relations and diplomacy by the people who work in this profession that prevents wars from happening and increases the economic trade and sometimes security pacts of countries.


It is in the best interest of each nation and its people to strengthen international ties and diplomacy to other countries, because it brings in a lot of benefits, not just monetary aid, but businesses as well. Opportunities and grants for scientific research. The list goes on and on, and Daniel Taub knows all of it, so he worked very hard in strengthening the ties of UK and Israel.


Daniel Taub is a legend when it comes to diplomacy and international relations. His work as the Israeli ambassador to the United Kingdom set a lot precedent for future diplomatic negotiation maneuvers. Through Daniel Taub’s mastery of diplomacy, he was able to boost the bilateral trade between UK and Israel to $8 billion. The start-up competition by Bizcamp in partnership with Google was also largely attributed to Daniel Taub.


During his time as an ambassador, hundreds of Israeli businessmen were able to set up shop and make deals in the UK. His term as the Israeli ambassador to the UK was recognized by Sajid Javid, the British Secretary of State for business as the golden years of trade between Israel and the United Kingdom. Daniel Taub always believed that the best way for two countries to move forward together is by improving their trade and technological ties. Nowadays, Daniel Taub shares his insights and mastery of foreign relations and diplomacy through his articles in The Huffington Post, The Daily Telegraph, The Guardian, And The Times.


As Daniel Taub was able to raise awareness of the importance of having stable relationships between two different nations, with his work in uniting Israel and the United Kingdom during his meeting with the queen herself, Daniel Taub is changing the future of two nations by being the bridge between them.

Because of the history between the two nations, and how they interacted with each other, the role of Daniel Taub in uniting the communities is crucial for both of them. Learn more: