According to David Giertz, financial advisors who refuse to talk to their clients about social security are making a huge mistake. Unfortunately many, if not most, don’t address this issue with their clients, mainly because it’s complicated, they don’t understand it, and they don’t want to spend their time on it.

Giertz says that the first big mistake with this approach is that research shows clients are fully willing to move their assets to another investor who will provide them with the whole financial picture, including social security. Secondly, they are really doing their customer a disservice. Nowadays with pensions not a thing for the vast majority of retirees, social security plays a really big part in most peoples retirement. It’s just to big of an issue to disregard and refuse to discuss.

For many years David Giertz has worked in the financial industry, most of those years as an executive. He has three decades of experience including as a financial advisor himself for many years. For several years he worked for National Financial where he led a number of their divisions at different times, such as being president of the Nationwide Financial Distributors.

While serving as an executive David Giertz was able to often exceed the revenue targets he was given. While heading up the sales and distribution organization at Nationwide Financial, for instance, he grew their profitable revenue to $17.8 billion from $11 billion.

Outside of his career, David Giertz has donated his money and time to a wide variety of causes as a philanthropist. One of the positions was at his alma mater Millikin University, where he earned his bachelors, as the Chair of the Board of Trustees. Additionally, another role was serving the Girl Scouts of Broward County as a member of their board of directors.

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