Tidal is one of the fastest growing music streaming companies today. Sometimes back, the company was hit by a wave of defection where several senior figures quit the firm. It did not take time for Tidal to bounce back bigger and better, recording several hit albums for music superstars like T.I, Beyoncé, Rihanna, and Kanye. The company’s Tidal app took over the iTunes Store by storm, reaching its all-time high since it was launched. Surprisingly, the person behind this resurgence is not even among the firm’s executives but a friend to one of the senior officials, Jay-Z. Her name is Desiree Dez Perez, wife to Juan Perez.


Desiree’s Golden Hand


Desiree is respected within the entertainment industry for her golden hand. Everything she lays her hands on becomes a success. Her negotiation skills are unmatched in the industry. As for Tidal, the puzzle was easy for someone of her caliber. Desire assembled some artists, convinced them of the benefits they would accrue from streaming their music via Tidal, and then got them to sign the contracts. Tidal is not the first company to taste the Desiree effect. Together with her husband, Desiree successfully runs SC Enterprises and Roc Nation Sports. Desiree is indeed a woman of steel.


Before Desiree came into the picture, many people were convinced that the company was going down the cliff. But with its revitalization, all the big music firms were left scratching their head wondering how Tidal had gotten back to its feet. Companies like iTunes and Sprint are rumored to have had an interest in buying Tidal.


Her Far-Felt Effect


The Desiree effect was felt far and wide. She played a crucial role in the negotiation process for the Beyoncé Formation stadium. Desiree was also very instrumental in the signing of the Samsung deal by Rihanna. These remarkable achievements have earned Desiree a place in the Hova Circle of influence.

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