Just ask any woman who wears a double D or triple D in bra cup size, and they will be swift to tell you that a bralette for them doesn’t exist in this universe.

Well, maybe until now that wasn’t a possibility, but someone with creative genius has developed a bralette for women with big bosoms. A bralette has generally been designed as a comfy, thinner fabric without wires or molded cups for small to average busted ladies. That is all changing, however, and now curvy women can enjoy the freedom of a bralette without worrying about the support factor.

BuzzFeed reported on the gravity-defying new bralette for double D’s that women have been excited to try on. When the product first launched back in March at the Lively shopping website, it sold out within a day.

What makes The Busty Bralette superior is in its intelligently engineered construction. The straps are strong and wide but not in a cutting or uncomfortable manner. Under the breast area of the bralette is unique elastic banding that provides the ultimate support. There is also a soft liner with a supportive inner sling, and the outer fabric features soft nylon spandex.

Women also like the price of The Busty Bralette at $35 for one or two for $55. The colors available include black, soft pink and a floral pattern to choose from.

The size range is incredible and includes bra cups in 34D, 32DD, 36D, 34DD, 32DDD, Size 2: 38D, 36DD, 34DDD, 38DD, 36DDD and 38DDD.

A bralette for the big bosom is a welcome sight during those hot days of summer because most women hate being “strapped in” with underwire and push-up material that can feel so confining and painful after several hours on.