Dr. Mark McKenna is a medical doctor and licensed surgeon from New Orleans, LA. With his father also serving as a medical practitioner, once McKenna completed his medical training, he went on to preform along side him. Around this same time was when he discovered an interest in real estate, which lead to the launch of McKenna Venture Investments. However, when tragedy befell New Orleans in the form of Hurricane Katrina, much of Dr. Mark McKenna‘s business interests were destroyed. In the wake of this disaster, he worked and aided in the redevelopment of accessible housing.

In 2007 came a change. Dr. Mark McKenna decided to make the move to Atlanta, GA to continue his original passion: Medicine. The same year he went on to launch ShapeMed, a wellness and medical practice. By time 2014 rolled around, McKenna made the decision to to sell ShapeMed to Life Time Fitness Inc. where he then took the position of National Medical Director for two years. However, within that timeframe, there was another idea McKenna had forming; one that eventually paid off. With a goal to revamp the current state of elective healthcare, in July of 2017 Dr. Mark McKenna’s vision came to life in the form of OVME. With strong ideals pushing him forward, OVME grew to become a strong consumer and technology focused aesthetics association.

Being a successful entrepreneur is not an easy task. But what drives Dr. Mark McKenna to bring his ideas to life is both his motivation, and his positive visualization. To believe in his endeavors and understand the work it will take to bring them to life. These are no simple feats. OVME itself is a testament to this, and with how it strives to make retail medical aesthetics a more comfortable, and consumer-friendly endeavor, McKenna seems to be on the right track.

There is no easy road to success, but with strong ideals, hard work, and the right people to support and challenge you, it can be in your grasp. With these traits backing him, McKenna has carved out a strong path for himself, and others.