ClassDojo is a communication application that is used in the classroom. It is used to connect teachers, students as well as parents. They use the ClassDojo app to share photos, messages, and videos throughout the school day. The teachers, parents, and students use this app to share the ideas that they have while having the classroom experience. They also use it to help them work together as a team as well as bring different ideas to life in their homes and classrooms. ClassDojo app is focused on transforming the educational experience for every child in the world. For this to happen, it plans to work with parents, teachers as well as the students to bring out the best possible ideas into the classrooms.

ClassDojo is not all about creating a perfect class. Instead, it believes that the children, parents as well as teachers should possess the power to create a class that is suitable for everyone. It also believes that the classroom should be able to meet everyone’s needs. ClassDojo believes that when you give people who are good simple ways in which they can do the right things, amazing things are bound to happen.

ClassDojo trusts that to be able to transform education, parents, teachers, and students should work together. When they come and work together, they can create an incredible classroom all on their hard work. According to a fourth-grade student, Brianna, she always wished that their parents would be able to see the amazing things that they learn in school. ClassDojo has made it possible for parents to see what their children are learning in school.