She’s barely 19, and yet blonde stunner Elle Fanning has become part of the next generation of Hollywood style icons. Her presence at the Cannes Film Festival this year has been memorable in the fashion choices she’s made. Women are scrambling to purchase her clothing.


Elle Fanning has arrived in every possible way. She’s not the typical bronze goddess you find around Beverly Hills. Instead, Elle has a very pale complexion and carefully cares for it, avoiding the over-dose of California’s UVA/UVB rays.


Vogue magazine has been a fan for a long time, noting how the starlet has been killin’ it on the red carpet at Cannes.


The actress dazzled the world, posing in a seafoam-colored Gucci gown that is runway ready for fall/winter 2017. The halter style featured a backless design as an added bonus, and the bottom hem was all abloom with gorgeous gardenias floating about.


Elle’s hair was down sleek and parted in the center. There wasn’t a stroke of bronzer, not one contoured angle, just natural beauty shining through.


Other Cannes wardrobe changes included this one, from Alexander McQueen’s pre-fall 2017 collection. While dresses with barely any material covering up side-boob and thigh-high slits were holding court on the red carpet, Elle chose a lady-like white dress that fell in pleats to her ankles. Her hair was neatly secured in a low bun, and billowy sleeves gave the dress rustic charm.


Elle turned fairy princess during one of the film festival’s evening events. The Dior Couture ball gown was pale and purely elegant just like the starlet herself and attached by hand with hundreds of miniature flower petals made of feathers to the body of the garment. The inspiration for the Dior masterpiece came from another masterpiece, Van Gogh’s “Jardin Fleuris” painting.