In the world of entrepreneurs, there are those that standout above the crowd. One such entrepreneur is Dr. Mark McKenna, the CEO and founder of OVME. His success stems from using visualization techniques, staying fit through practicing Jiu Jitsu and setting daily goals. In addition to being a medical professional, Dr. McKenna has launched and purchased businesses such as McKenna Venture Investments, Uptown Title Inc. and Universal Mortgage Lending.

His business ventures were uprooted by Hurricane Katrina in 2005, after which he moved to Atlanta, Georgia. There he went on to establish ShapeMed in 2007. ShapeMed is a non-surgical aesthetics and wellness center. Due to the company’s success, ShapeMed was purchased by Life Time Fitness Inc. in 2014.

Dr. Mark McKenna went on to create his current business OVME, which he started in July 2017. The vision behind OVME is to provide aesthetic treatments to clients in their homes. Customers will use an app to order services such as Botox treatments. OVME will employ a network of qualified doctors to fulfill the needs of clients across the country.

Originally from New Orleans, he received his medical degree from Tulane School of Medicine. He gained insight into the medical profession from his father, who is also a doctor. Dr. McKenna honed his business acumen while still in medical school, where he invested part-time job earnings into real estate deals.

He has a rich family life that includes his wife Gianine McKenna, his young daughter Milana Elle and their beloved dog Ryder. Dr. McKenna is a compassionate and energetic community member, as shown by his personal efforts to help rebuild New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina. In addition, he is an active board member of the Entrepreneurs Organization. Prior to that he was on the board for the New Orleans Industrial Development Board and for the New Orleans Jazz Festival.

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