In the world of business and economics there are many important players that serve important functions within the structure of the economic world and one of the most important of these key players are investment management firms. Put very simply, businesses whose whole model is to find the best methods of storing and growing wealth. New York is one of the key cities to find the best in investment strategies.

One of the shining stars is based in New York and it is called Fortress Investment Group. Lead by an extremely experienced team, Fortress Investment Group not only excels at what they do but has the distinction of being the first ever large private equity firm to be traded publicly in the United States.

Fortress Investment Group is not only highly diversified but is also multinational and offers its clients a wide and competitive range of investment options be it traditional asset management or more varied methods such as credit, liquid markets and private equity. Currently Fortress Investment Group provides investment services to over 1,500 clients, private individuals as well as institutions.

Not only does Fortress provide excellent investment strategies for their clients but in so doing they have also won several awards over the years including the Hedge Fund Manager Of The Year award as well as the “Credit-Focused Fund Of The Year” award.

In recent news, Fortress announced an acquisition of an approximate $2.7billion in assets as it entered into a definitive agreement with Colony Capital in which Fortress will move in and become the General Partner and Manager to Colony’s series of funds, CDCF, none-digital real estate positions as well as co-investment vehicles.

It is clear through even a cursory examination of the track record of Fortress that they are one of the top leaders in the field of asset management and will continue to show itself to be an excellent choice for institutional as well as private investors.

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