The scenario is simple, and it involves billionaire George Soros.

According to the financial mogul, the world is overburden by the onset of refugees and migrants. For Soros, there’s one real solution in the realm of philanthropy for this. Just this month, the world-famous investor made an announcement to donate $500 million to aide migrants across the globe on

The plan only comes after George repeatedly expressed his views on the challenges that Europe’s economy would face. Those challenges, according to the investor himself, will be felt by the world if not properly dealt with here and now. Of the most pressing issues pursued by Soros are the rights of refugees and migrants.

And this position taken by George Soros is no surprise.

Obstacles at the age of 13 led George Soros to flee his home country of Hungry and from Nazi occupation. He fled to Europe where he then took on work in a train yard. This is where Soros gets his interest in the well being of migrants and refugees. The financial mogul blames the world for its collective abuse and failure the manage the refugee crisis.

The $500 million that’s to be spent for humanitarian effort will help reverse the disparity of migrants when escaping turmoil in their home countries. Without this advocacy, it’s expected that migrant workers will experience an incomplete life and segregation.

It’s likely they’ll have an absent of skills or cultural understanding to fit in the societies where migrants and refugees go.

But this donation doesn’t lift Soros’ responsibility to hold governments accountable for how refugees are being treated in his eyes. The money won’t directly go to migrants but instead to organizations who will then build infrastructures. The businesses that Soros plans to divvy money to include startups, social-impact initiatives and established organizations.

Further donations will reach migrants and refugees specifically. Yet this is only for refugees and migrants who themselves start businesses with great investment ideas and a solid plan to aide those in Europe at

Alongside Soros’ effort and spending, there’s to be a continual request of businesses and nations to aide in the process. Those potential routes of funding are from digital technology sectors, private businesses, governments and health services. Each stage of this endeavor is led by George Soros’ own non-profit organization.

The Open Society Foundations is a non-profit started by Soros and dedicated to improving world education and various projects to improve the lives of migrants and refugees. As the world responds to this initiative, this organization is setting the standards for Soros to see his equality dreams come true.

With a recent donation also made to the Clinton campaign, there’s a lot of progression to be seen in these coming months.