When people go shopping, there is a part of the brain that activates which influences the impulse to buy an item. H&M and other fast fashion companies have taken advantage of this psychology. Therefore, they have done everything they can to make sure that they are getting loyal customers. Among the things they do is make sure that they have some very unique and trendy items on the racks so that customers will be able to not only buy these items early, but at a low price.


One thing that fast fashion does is offer people who want to wear stylish items but can’t afford it something that they can afford. This type of business model has changed fashion in ways such as department stores closing down. Even Nordstrom has started opening more off price stores recently and is now even considering becoming privately owned. Then there are other stores like Abercrombie that is considering taking a fast fashion approach.


People will have a lot to say about fast fashion. However, this type of business model has had a great influence on the fashion industry to the point that stores are either adapting or closing down. The best thing that companies could do is pay attention to what is being sold and do everything they can to offer something similar. Another thing they can do is step up their game on what they can offer their customers. These days, given that a lot of people are unable to afford certain items, off price stores and fast fashion is definitely capitalizing on the needs.