Dynamic Search Partners CEO Keith Mann is a man that saw opportunity where others have failed to. He recognized the possibility of success within the hedge fund industry in 2002 when he began the “Alternative Investment Practice” while still working within Dynamics Executive Search Partners. Keith Mann is a risk taker that would rather make an alternative investment.

He was brought up bred for what he does in New York City around executives in alternative industries. Picture this, Keith Mann doing push ups and a whole exercise routine before a day that is sure to already be grueling yet he works out anyways. Then he proceeds to hammer away at meetings, calls, and emails at break neck speed. This is a day in his life. Keith Mann is a master at bringing ideas to life by looking between the cracks to see spots that need filled. He explains this is where he gets his ideas from. By filling a void by interviewing possible candidates in different ways, toying around with the idea of adding more employees, and how to expand Dynamics Executive Search Partners’ reach.

He is a diverse person searching for diverse and versatile candidates to work with. Mann decided he wanted to work for himself after working a horrible job at a large bank working on a foreign exchange desk. People should aspire to walk in Keith Mann’s shoes as he not only is a fantastic business man but gives back through the Keith and Keely Mann Scholarship for Professional Achievement. This offers a select few of top students a chance of a lifetime. Keith Mann gives thorough advice to entrepreneurs stating to never be afraid to ask questions. People should strive to be more like Keith Mann as his work ethic, skills,and alternative approaches lead to great things and society would benefit.