Switzerland is not always thought of as a huge factor in the tech world, and Mike Baur is looking to change that perception with his Swiss Startup Factory. Baur founded the tech accelerator with two other partners and is currently its Cofounder and Executive Chairman. In this capacity, Baur is responsible for the fundraising and financial rounds. Baur is passionate about providing mentorship to the young entrepreneurs and trailblazers of today. He is also active in the Swiss Startup Association, which he also cofounded. Baur believes that Switzerland can make a marked impression on today’s disruptive economies and the overall tech landscape.


This belief in Switzerland’s place on the global tech stage has spurred Baur’s involvement in encouraging and supporting early-stage tech endeavors. Since the Swiss Startup Factory began in 2014 it has mentored countless tech startups and nurtured their progress during the difficult early stages of founding and financing. It is through this mentor-ship that Baur keeps his finger on the pulse of what is happening in the tech world, and it also allows him to share his expertise both as a mentor as well as a financier. The tech industry continues to evolve and change and it also never fails to excite.


Baur and the team at Swiss Startup Factory work with early-stage businesses and help these companies thrive during the very difficult early years of inception. From providing the basics such as office space and admin services, to being a financing partner, the Swiss Startup Factory is there with a lot of support for the businesses for their three-month module with the accelerator. SSF also offers access to an enviable entrepreneurial and financing network that can help to further the lifespan of the firms once their time with the accelerator has concluded. The mentor-ships that are also provided are an invaluable resource that provides the early-stage firms with the guidance and direction necessary to continue to progress with their ideas.


The Swiss Startup Factory continues to change the landscape of Swiss tech and how the country is received and perceived in the overall industry. Switzerland is a hotbed of well-educated young professionals that are looking to join the ranks of disruptions and trailblazers, and who better to help them than Mike Baur? Baur has an MBA from the University of Rochester, in the state of New York and has earned an Executive MBA from the University of Berne.