Jewish Mysticism has become a trend among Hollywood celebrities specifically, the Kabbalah. Many celebrities in Hollywood have joined the Kabbalah Centre in Los Angeles to incorporate ancient Jewish wisdom in their lives to bring them happiness and content. Although each person enters the Kabbalah Centre for different reasons, most of them want to rid their lives of chaos. Madonna is among the first celebs to take an interest in Judaism. She explored various Jewish traditions and converted to Judaism. She has also opened a Kabbalah Centre and continues to disperse the message of Kabbalah globally believing that the sole reason for existence is to help others.

After a tough break up Paris Hilton also joined the Kabbalah Centre in Los Angeles to help her cope with the strain she was facing at that moment. The late Sammy Davis had a different concept for joining the Kabbalah; he longed to grasp of the centuries old of the Jewish oppression. As an African American, he familiarized this oppression with the difficulty his people faced, and this gave him spiritual calmness and learn more about Kabbalah.

Despite battling various emotional issues, Marilyn Monroe also adopted Judaism she looked up to the late Albert Einstein and was a fan of his writings. The joining of Kabbalah Centers by non-Jewish people has brought controversy in the Jewish community. Orthodox Jews are against believing that the teachings of the Kabbalah should be given to Jews over 40 years. However, according to Rabb Phillip Berg adopting of the Kabbalah teachings in modern life is acceptable.

The Kabbalah first came to existence in Jerusalem in 1922. Its founder was Rav Yehuda Ashlag who spread the teachings of the Kabbalah and left the sources of the knowledge to his student Rav Yehuda Brandwein who later passed it to Rav Berg. Over the years the Kabbalah has spread globally having more than 50physical locations offering more than 5,000 studies each week. The Kabbalah Centers also provide e-learning services for those incapable of physically attending and read full article.

The teachings of the Kabbalah reflect from the Zohar, a sacred text encompassing wisdom of the Kabbalah. These teachings simplify the understanding of the mysteries of the universe described in the Torah. Through this wisdom, the students have the capacity of growing in the spiritual aspect while mingling with like minds they can exchange their ways of thinking and Kabbalah’s lacrosse camp.