Rick Smith is a competent leader who has led Securus Technologies to success in improving the lives of inmates. The Company offers technological services which make it possible for the inmates to contact their families and friends through video or voice calls. The inmates can also contact their loved ones by sending emails. Rick Smith leadership as the CEO of the company has made the company compete successfully with its competitors such as Global Tel Link.

Rick Smith obtained has a rich educational foundation which has enabled him to succeed in invention and innovations. He graduated with associate’s degree from Rochester Institute of Technology. He pursued a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering. He also obtained MBA at the University of Rochester. The strong education, diverse skills, and experience in leadership made him successful in the companies he served. He served as IT manager at Frontier Corporation where he brought a lot of transformation in the technological utilization in business development and finance. He also served at Eschelon Telecommunication, Inc. as a CEO for nine years. The company realized an increase in revenue from $30 to $350 million and the EBITDA obtained was $80 million. The Company also obtained 48 percent in CAGR. His leadership at Eschelon Telecommunication enabled the firm to be awarded as the successful IPO in 2005 .The success of the companies he served is attributed to his competence in the leadership position.

Rick Smith has led the Securus Technologies to sign Stock Purchase Agreement which is aimed at acquiring JPay Inc. JPay is a famous company which has brought a lot of transformations in the prisons. The company brought electronic payments, apps for education, emails and entertainment plans in the prisons. Currently, JPay is serving over 33 state prisons. The acquiring of JPay will make the Securus Technologies be the fastest growing company in offering high tech/software in the prison systems. JPay offers products enables the safe transition of the inmates into a good citizen. The Securus Technologies valued the management team of JPay in achieving their vision of improving the lives of the inmates. Rick Smith will run the operations of the JPay as a subsidiary of Securus which is wholly owned.

Securus Technologies and JPay agreed to merge by using the closest bonds. The purchase of JPay by Securus will thrust the company to one of the successful managerial positions in the USA. Rick Smith rick aims at utilizing the digitized payments of JPay to improve the lives of inmates. His involvement in sealing the deal is one the strong leadership contribution to the company. The Securus Technologies will rise to be the most influential company in offering prison services upon acquiring the JPay Inc. Rick Smith aims at leading the Securus Technologies to the highest level in technological advancement and efficient service delivery