If you have a pair shaped body, this typically means that you have wider hips and a smaller waist. You likely also have a rather small bust and shoulders. You’ll notice that when you gain weight, you gain it in your rear end and your upper thighs. This is the pear-shaped body.


Many women who have pair-shaped bodies tend to feel self-conscious about them, but there’s no need to feel this way. If you want to feel more confident and better about yourself, however, there are certain clothing styles that you can wear. These specific styles that are meant to improve pear-shaped bodies can help you look and feel amazing everyday.


Dressing for a Pear-Shaped Body


First, make sure that our accentuating your small waist. This is something that not everyone has, and you should be proud of it. You can accentuate this part of your body by choosing pants and skirts that rise to your natural waist near your belly button. You can also choose dresses that cinch at the natural waist instead of drop waist dresses or empire waist dresses. You typically won’t want to wear A-line skirts or dresses as this will accentuate your large hips. Instead, opt for pleaded or flared skirts or dresses.


If you have a small bust, you may want to accentuate it with a lower neckline or a padded bra if you feel comfortable wearing one. Women who have a small chests and nice feminine shoulders look great in boat neck, V-neck and scooped neck tops.


Having a pear-shaped body can be an asset. In fact, this body shape is the healthiest of all body shapes because even though fat gathers around your bottom and thighs, it steers clear of your abdomen, which means that you don’t have excess fat around your organs.