There is something so classic and crisp about white fashion in the dead of winter, but there is also a right way and wrong way to achieve the look. We’ve heard for years about no white after Labor Day, and many women stick to that outdated frame of mind. If you adore white clothing, then think winter white, and follow these simple tips.


Texture will always play a key role in putting together a winter white ensemble. According to, pairing white pieces with others comes down to the look and feel of the fabric. In other words, different textures add depth, interest and elegance to your style. You could pair a chunky knit white sweater with a sleek, smooth pair of black leather pants.


You can wear head-to-toe white during winter, but don’t go crazy trying to match each piece’s shade exactly. Instead, choose cream, coconut, pearl and alabaster shades, for example, to layer with each other. The final result is chic, and when you overlap textures like soft, sheared, knobby, lacy and so forth, you’re building a cozy winter white wardrobe.


Go to any fashion website and type in the words “winter white,” and you will see plenty of options pop up. We found more than 300 winter white pieces, from cute booties to furry vests at


As you can see, shopping for white pieces during winter is not difficult in the least. The winter white classic style is appealing to many designers and brands.