Imran Haque works in North Carolina as a medical doctor. Dr. Imran specializes in internal medicine and has diagnosed many ailments during medical tests performed at Horizon Internal Medicine. As a medical practitioner, Imran Haque offers a broad range of services uniquely for diseases like Diabetes, Pneumonia, Epilepsy, and Glaucoma. Also, Imran Haque provides various services including 360 surfacing, weight management, Laser hair removal and physical examination to aid in the improvement of internal wellness and cosmetic treatment.


Dr. Imran’s medical career began after he acquired his degree in medicine from Universidad Iberoamericana (UNIBE). Later, Haque went to Virginia International Medicine Roanoke-Salem University’s program. It is during Imran Haque’s stay at the institution that led him to his interest in internal medicine. After the training, Dr. Haque obtained a medical license that permitted him to practice medicine in his location. Additionally, Imran Haque is enrolled in Internal Medicine for Maintenance of Certification Program assurance.


Dr. Imran attends to patients from Asheboro, Ramseur, and the entire North Carolina. Dr. Imran works together with Horizon Internal Medicine to provide quality internal medical services to patients. Over the years, the facility has been branded the internal medicine consultancy experts. Most patients continue to prefer Imran Haque and Horizon Internal Medicine as their suitable choice towards internal health attainment.


Every patient that Imran Haque attends to has an active narration to make. Besides having the professional connection with the client, Dr. Imran offers a conducive and comfortable environment for his patients. He values his customers’ health and life.


Imran Haque’s expertise has led him to be a personal doctor for most residents in Ramseur and Asheboro. Since Imran Haque offers quality affordable services, patients seek his help in both treatments and primary physical care. If necessary, Imran provides referrals to specialists. Imran is capable of providing the right treatment in his office with practical laboratory and ultrasound services in-office