These days it seems as though every industry is at the mercy of innovation and disruption. Taxi drivers have to deal with competition from apps like Lyft and Uber. Grocery stores might soon start feeling the pinch from food delivery startups like Blue Apron that allow their customers to have packages of fresh ingredients that can be used to make meals delivered to their front door. The beauty company Evolution of Smooth produce one of the most coveted lip balm products with their egg-shaped smooth spheres. Now it would seem that shower caps are next.

A new ecommerce brand called Shhhowercap is poised to make waves by training its sights on giving cheap plastic shower caps some competition. Shhhowercap is making its mark by selling colorful, resilient shower caps that are made out of water-resistant cloth that comes in a variety of patterns. At first glance one of the things that sets Shhhowercap’s products apart from the competition is that they look more like headwraps or turbans than shower caps. Each of the company’s products also have a fun name like The Not Basic, The Laguna or The Envy. The only catch is that the product costs $43 a piece which makes it a lot more expensive than the packs of disposable shower caps you can buy from a store.

But according to fashion publication the $43 price tag might actually be worth it. The publication reviewed Shhhowercap’s product and noted that unlike cheaper products the Shhhowercap is actually comfortable to wear, does not make the wearer’s scalp sweat and actually lives up to its claim to be water resistant. Customers that spend $43 on The Laguna or The Envy are actually paying for nanotechnology that “repels water on a molecular level.” The product is also designed to prevent the kind of gnarly mold that can grow on shower caps that are used for long periods of time.