John Ritenour co founded the Insurance Office of America with his wife, Villa Ritenour, in 1988. The Insurance Office of America is an insurance agency that offers comprehensive services and has multiple locations across the United States. John Ritenour also established IOA Foundation in the formative years of the organization’s establishment. The IOA Foundation is the philanthropic wing of IOA. Currently, John Ritenour mainly focuses on the IOA foundation as he left the running of IOA to his son, Heath Ritenour.

John Ritenour’s commitment to philanthropic endeavors is unquestioned. He started small, and as the years went by, his efforts became more notable in society. His engagement in charitable works comes from having a first-hand experience of the struggles that people face daily. John Ritenour grew up in an impoverished area close to Pittsburg. This background enables him to deeply comprehend how to assist the people in need in different areas of society. The assistance is undertaken through the IOA Foundation.

The main objective of establishing the IOA Foundation was to assist children from infancy to college. The Foundation’s areas of priority include mentorship, literacy, social services, health, and education. Furthermore, the Foundation’s charitable efforts mainly take place around Orlando, Florida. In terms of a marque charity event, the IOA Foundation’s most notable philanthropic effort is the Corporate 5K event.

Races as charitable events are essential in society. Most notably, races assist in raising money for philanthropic efforts. Races usually involve many people, thus increasing the pool from which money for charity is attainable. Races are also significant as they assist in uniting people in the community. The Corporate 5K event is the Foundation’s most notable charity event as it allows the community to join and participate in uplifting those underprivileged around them.

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