Marketing has always been necessary, but the modern iteration of it has had to cross over with many different areas. That is why Joseph Ashford in Bournemouth has been working hard with his company K4 Global in bringing marketing to a level companies need. He is going beyond that by also helping those who want to be fellow entrepreneurs and be able to have the same level of success. The drive that he has started by overcoming the adversity of many of his family dying over a short period. He set goals and has worked to accomplish all of them.

Joseph Ashford put all of that drive into the 2014 founding of K4, which he saw as a way to work with companies in a multitude of sectors. He pushes teamwork within his company to be able to bring the best campaigns for the many companies that are clients. The company has expanded, which allows Joseph Ashford Bournemouth to have his hand in many areas. He is able to do this by making sure that all of his employees feel like they are part of a solid team that they want to be part of. It has gone strong for several years.

Joseph Ashford has also made sure that K4 Global is a valuable part of the Bournemouth community, which shows they are wanting to be more than a normal company. The company makes sure that they remember that communication is key to all they do. This also means that they do this with the city they are located in. They have worked hard to be able to use all areas of marketing to be of value to their clients, and it has been shown to work with their continuous growth. This is what modern day business is supposed to be like.

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