About Josh Verne


Josh Verne is a renowned commerce/internet executive and an entrepreneur and with over 20 years of experience. He has established and developed notable multi-channel businesses. One of them is FlockU, LLC where he has been the CEO for one year and nine months.

Josh founded FlockU to target college students. In other words, FlockU, is a peer to peer, mobile exchange for college students. Its content goes viral. With opinions, breaking news, and explanations on everything, the website flocks with organic visits. Topics range from exams to sex to sports etc. The main content generators are students. Therefore content generated is relevant to the target audience. It is pretty hilarious as well.


Josh Verne had previously founded workpays.me which he later sold after four years and one month. This was a flexible loan repayment sort of a thing. He has also transformed a family furniture venture into an exceptional business name in North America.


The Secrets Revealed


So what makes Josh Verne transition smoothly in the business world? Below are important business strategies as told by Josh.


  1. Practice leadership not being a boss.

Don’t command respect; instead, earn it by being a selfless leader. Serve the people being led to accomplish more goals in the business. No matter how unrealistic, they can be achieved with this approach.


  1. Stick to a Win-Win principle.

Winning society, winning clients and winning employees gives the ultimate satisfaction in business. When it doesn’t look achievable, find solutions but never settle for a win-lose situation. Reputation, businesses, and teams benefit the most.


  1. Listen more and speak less.

People find respectable and authoritative leaders from those who speak less.


  1. Find a balance in life.

Success can only be enjoyed if and when health, life, and home are in order. The opposite is also true. A perfect family and health without financial success offer nothing to look forward to. Balance relationships, wealth, health and personal growth to achieve complete success.


  1. Identify areas that drive passion.

Finding a business that makes waking up early bearable and dodging social gatherings acceptable would be a gold mine to success.