JustFab Inc has made a huge splash in the fashion industry with the launch of several companies including Kate Hudson’s Fabletics in recent years. Behind the success of these brands is co-CEO Adam Goldenberg. Goldenberg is a longtime innovator in the fashion and technology space, first launching a successful incubator called Beauty Intelligence in 2004 and pioneering JustFab Inc only four years later. His vision has always been to put digital marketing at the forefront of the fashion space, fusing Silicon Valley tech with the hottest runways.


Recently JustFab Inc announced a pivot to change its overarching brand name to StyleTech. StyleTech is a poignant idea to showcase Adam Goldenberg’s belief that his companies should put digital purchasing and mobile at the forefront of his fashion brands.


On a recent CNBC interview Goldenberg discussed the value of launching a line of companies that have started in the digital age. He notes that unlike many established fashion brands that began 10 or even 15 years ago, TechStyle and Fabletics truly got their start in the digital age. While others are struggling to pivot to mobile first shopping and e-commerce, his companies were born in that era and have grown up with that mentality.


In a profile of Goldenberg discussing “3 LA CEOs you Need to Know,” he talked about the value he and his team place on customer feedback. In particular, he notes that while he has always believed in utilizing metrics to promote his business to consumers, the real value and importance is that the product is really valuable to customers and that they see a reason to continue shopping with the company. In this manner, his company Fabletics has succeeded in providing high-quality athletic gear at a modest cost. In addition, the athletic apparel is trendy and durable, which leads customers to come back time and time again – an estimated 3+ purchases per year. Additionally, the company has grown its membership base from a handful a few years ago when they began as a started, to a whopping 400 million people in countries across the world. The company continues to see great things in 2017, with the line expanding to accommodate all sizes, meaning more women will be able to purchase very high-quality fitness apparel at a modest cost and utilize Fabletics opt-in subscription model. http://rgtadvisors.com/bio/adam-goldenberg/