Mr. Greg Secker is the creator of one of the most successful trading companies in Europe. His company deals with coaching traders and helping people become successful entrepreneurs. The company is called Learn to Trade. in a recent interview by the CEOCFO Magazine, Mr. Secker said that he has always believed in saying yes to things and then later own try to figure about other details. Hence his philosophy of “I’m not a why guy; I’m a why not guy.”

Even though he studied agriculture and food science at the University, Mr. Secker used to build and sell computers, where he learned how to code programs and ended up as a computer geek. It is during this time that he developed an interactive model in 3D form. He, later on, met a guy at a job fair who invited him to an interview and got the job. After some time, he started working on the currency trading floor trying to build the virtual trading desk. This became the first currency trading platform online.

It was while he was busy working on the Virtual Trading Desk that Mr. Secker got interested in foreign exchange trade. While coding he got to understand how they operated and why. Those trading on foreign currencies made lots of profits which made him want to make the same gains. Just under a year, he managed to make lots of profits. Through this, he learned that one needed to adopt some vital principles to achieve success. Individuals need to approach each trade in a risky but managed angle. Above all be disciplined and stick to your trading plan which has to be with some elaborate strategy.

Mr. Greg Secker began his career in Thomas Cook Financial services. He later moved to spearhead a new business the virtual trading desk at the foreign exchange. The VTD became the first Forex trading platform online. This VTD allows clients to get huge profits on their foreign exchange trades. By the age of 25, Greg had climbed on his career ladder to become a vice president at Mellon Financial Corporation in the United States where he mingled with some of the traders of forex trade in the world.Mr. Greg Secker had learned different trading strategies from working on various international trading floors in the world. Through this interactions, he grew his trading skills where decide to resign and start his firm; learn to trade.