If you are looking to get rich, then Martin Lustgarten is the expert to chat with. Lustgarten has a lot of experience in the field of investment banking. Most people are not rich. And this is simply because they ignore the ancient laws of wealth. The Jewish proverb summarizes it well. “He who likes pleasure will be in poverty.” People who pursue pleasure do so to their own financial ruin. In our day and age, there are so many pleasures to distract us, such as:

  1. Tasty food
  2. Beautiful members of the opposite gender
  3. Rest
  4. Entertainment
  5. Buying
  6. Debt
  7. Easy

All of these things lead to financial ruin if pursued in excess. To overcome your tendency to pursue pleasure, list out the opposites of these wealth draining activities:

  1. Boring food
  2. Ugly members of the same gender
  3. Working
  4. Learning
  5. Selling
  6. Saving
  7. Hard


Eagerly pursue these kinds of activities to watch your financial portfolio become much larger than your fellow man. The reason that most people do not succeed financially, is they do not think of themselves objectively. You can contact him at his Linked In account.They have a large self-ego that does not accept correction. If you correct your own inflated ego, you will see that the path to wealth is a hard, but rewarding one.Martin Lustgarten looks forward to hearing further from you.  Martin can give you further investment tips that will leave you thriving and wealthy as an individual.