Law is among the noblest and common career in Brazil. A study shows that Brazil is the third leading state in the world in the number of law schools. There more than a million qualified lawyers in Brazil. It is even more interesting to note that this is just a third of the trained lawyers. The rest are lawyers who are yet to be qualified due to specific factors. One of the common reasons is that many schools offering the law degree are not up to the standards.

For a student to be certified as a Brazilian lawyer, there are some stages that they need to get through. To begin with, the student has to attend a qualified law school. Strict inspections are carried out in the law schools to determine the validity of the skills they are offering. The student then has to take the Bar examination. The exam has both written form and multiple choices format as directed by the Attorney Generals in Brazil. Candidates who pass the exam become certified lawyers. The Bar Association gives the consent to practice law.

It is the measures that are taken in the Brazilian law schools that regulate the number of lawyers in the state. Ricardo Tosto is among the millions who have been able to go through the processes and successfully become a certified lawyer, and learn more about Ricardo Tosto.

Through his experience and high understanding of the law, Ricardo Tosto has been able to differentiate himself from the pool of lawyers. Besides being a lawyer, he is a strategist. Many firms, as well as the government, depend on Ricardo Tosto on making their policies. Several individuals also approach him on advice concerning legal matters. With his know-how in the field, he gives credible information to his clients to enhance their economic or personal growth.

Ricardo Tosto has engaged in electoral law. In this sector, his clients constitute of politicians. He helps the clients who may have issues with their campaigns or election process. Through his advice, there can make sound policies in their career without compromising their loyalty to the law of the country, and his Facebook.

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