In a recent article published by the Huffington Post, the widespread lack of knowledge regarding standard fashion and grooming rules among the male gender was apparent. AskMen conducted a survey of more than 21,000 men from around the country based on a wide variety of topics. Among the survey questions were various inquiries about fashion and grooming. More than 75 percent of men admitted that they are unsure of which button is the proper one to fasten on a suit. In addition, about 65 percent of the men surveyed revealed that they do not know what the proper tie length is.

The general attitude toward fashion conveyed by the men surveyed was that they wish they had easier access to simple questions about professional wardrobes. Men indicated that they were much more comfortable when it came to selecting clothes for casual wear. It is professional and business attire that tend to trip men up the most. Put into greater context, this means that men should not be generally criticized for their lack of fashion expertise and are generally open to suggestions on how they can dress themselves appropriately for more upscale occasions. A little bit of fashion knowledge goes a long way when it comes to making men feel confident enough to dress up in a suit and hit the town or the board room.

Along with their general lack of fashion knowledge, many men admitted that they would like more help with picking out the proper grooming and styling products for their hair. They are generally open to using hair gel and making their locks look more refined, but many men simply do not know which product to use or how to apply it properly to their hair. Many men avoid the products altogether because they are intimidated to try them.