Swissman Mr. Mike Baur is a former banker and a current businessman and entrepreneur who has been in his line of work for about ten years now.


Mr. Mike Baur was born and raised in the Swiss city of Freiburg. He pursued a higher education in Business Administration, and so he achieved two degrees from the University of Rochester and the University of Bern. Mr. Mike Baur has had a highly promising career in the banking sector from an early age. When he was only 16 years old, Mr. Mike Baur became an apprentice of the Union Bank of Switzerland, reports the Wall Street Journal. His hiring manager would list a number of positions and promotions that Mr. Mike Baur would achieve as his career progresses, but he decided to take on a different path of a professional establishment. Mr. Mike Baur continued working for the Union Bank of Switzerland through the 1990s. Over the course of his years in the baking sector, Mr. Mike Baur became a highly esteemed expert who got to provide financial advice to some of the wealthiest individuals in the country.


In 2008, Mr. Mike Baur decided to move on from the Union Bank of Switzerland, and he moved to Zurich, Germany. There, Mr. Mike Baur started working for the bank Clariden Leu. He worked there for more than six years and held a position in the high ranks of the office. In 2014, Mr. Mike Baur decided to pursue a different career path entirely, and he left the banking sector for good.


Mr. Mike Baur had developed a newfound passion for the tech industry. He wanted to start helping tech entrepreneurs to establish a more stable financial ground for their businesses as well as accelerate the growth of tech firms. In order to make achieve his goal, the former banker collaborated with two other businessmen, and together they established a company called the Swiss Startup Factory. The business was built in 2014.


The company of the Swiss Startup Factory created something called the Incubator Program. Swiss entrepreneurs receive mentoring as well as training services, along with financial funding. For three months, the promising startup businesses benefit from the assistance as well as offices free of rent in the largest city in Switzerland. Over the course of those three months during the program, the startup owners receive invaluable training an education. They learn to market their products and services effectively on a global level. Another benefit of the program is that startup owners also get to be a part of an extensive network and have the chance to establish secure connections with other people in business and to collaborate.


Mr. Mike Baur continued his business journey by establishing a second company. He created the firm Think Reloaded which is a provider of financial advisory services for wealthy clients. Along with managing his two businesses, Mr. Mike Baur also took up the responsibilities of Deputy Managing Director at the CTI Invest, gaining the post after the CTI Invest stepped into a collaboration with the SSUF