Talkspace is a great and helpful app that allows one to get in touch with a therapist. Many times people who are feeling depressed, like teens, are afraid to schedule an appointment with a therapist. Since Talkspace is an online platform, the user’s seem to have issues resolved and satisfaction from the sessions much quicker than regular office trips. Talkspace provides the therapist and client communication via video and phone chats or an instant message form.

A normal office trip can sometimes cost more than three-hundred dollars per visit, while Talkspace allows the user to talk with a therapist once a day via messaging for thirty-two a week. This is a much cheaper option. Talkspace has more options that provide the user with more daily interactions for only a few dollars more per week. In the long run, Talkspace will not only save you money, it will allow easier, less pressured communication with a therapist.

Normally one can spend hours researching for a good therapist who may be covered by their insurance or has a low cost. With Talkspace, the app is designed to find a great therapist tailored to you. A communications team will ask you questions about why you’re seeking a therapist, any preferences, etc. By doing this, Talkspace will connect you with a therapist to match everything you’re looking for, at no extra cost.

The innovation behind Talkspace is ingenious, as they continue to help thousands of people lead a more satisfying life each day. This group truly cares about one’s well-being.