What’s new in fashion this spring? Here are some of our favorite spring designs and trends. Check them out now so that your wardrobe is prepared when spring rolls around!


  1. Plaid pants


It may sound crazy, and it is a little bit whacky, but plaid pants are actually making a comeback. They’re great for men and women, and they’re being touted in all the hottest stores. These are similar to plaid pants we saw in the 70s, but they’re a little bit more stylish because they’re slightly more shapely. They hug your curves in all the right places and are made out of quality materials that lay nicely and look super cute!


  1. Sun hats


Hats have always been fashionable, but the new trend is that they’re becoming more commonplace for everyday wear. Some of the runways in Milan and Paris have had every single one of their models wearing hats, and what’s the favorite design of European stylists and designers? Of course, you’ve got to know that it’s the sun hat.


  1. Chunky heels


These days, thin and dainty heels are super popular, but let’s not forget about chunky heels. These are the shoes that we adored in the 90s, but they’re back in full force now! Chunky heels look great with a sun hat, and yes, they even look good with those plaid pants as well. Black, brown and gray heels are most popular, and we’ve seen some crazy colors and patterns for the tops. Pick your poison and have fun with these cute and comfortable shoes.


  1. Man bags


Now, let’s talk a little bit about men’s fashion because there are certainly some new looks on the horizon as well. Man bags are super popular right now, and men don’t need to be ashamed about carrying around this look! It’s actually a great accessory for carrying your phone and any other little personal items that you need on-the-go.


Try all of these awesome new spring fashion trends for yourself! Soon, you’ll be seeing them everywhere, but you’ll be the first to have them!